Welcome to the home of the Bewsey Busy Bees

The Bewsey Busy Bees are now in their 7th year at Bewsey Lodge. We are a group of children who help our keep our classrooms and playgrounds a happy place for EVERYONE. We have been selected from across the school to help ensure patience, kindness and honesty is threaded through all of our actions, and in every decision we make, whilst encouraging others to do the same.

Over the years we have set up many ways of helping fellow children who are feeling sad, angry or lonely at playtimes, as well as rewarding those who go out of their way to be kind friends. We use our orange books to log the positive actions we see and distribute stickers to reward our kind and caring playground friends. 

We are easily identified around our school as we wear our black and yellow jackets and anti-bullying badges with pride.  

We are led by Mrs Somers and Mrs Woods, although it is us, the children, who do a lot of the work! From typing up letters to negotiating deals with Mrs Wright about new competitions and initiatives....it's none stop!

Additionally, new to the role this year, we PSHE Champions. This involves helping children to recognise all of the different elements of PSHE (Physical, Social, Health Education) we learn and explore at school, by showcasing the good work that goes on in classes as well as assemblies and in the community.

We have half termly meetings where we voice our concerns and celebrate great achievements, as well as share idea's towards the project we are working on. 

Autumn 1: Autumn 1 half term launched our first action plan and  organised our first event - preparing for PRIDE Week with the focus on respect. We worked hard to ensure children could celebrate and explore this topic fully by getting to design and wear a respect based t shirt for the whole week, instead of school uniform! Photos coming soon!

Autumn 2: Autumn 2 half term has allowed us to  get to grips with our roles on the playground in ironing out problems before they escalate - we have been manning the friendship benches to ensure nobody is feeling lonely or left out and helping the teachers on duty solve any problems. Our meetings mean we can ask questions about times when we arn't sure what to do.

Spring 1: This half term we have been helping Mrs Somers to plan a very special Year 3 British Values Art project that is taking place very soon. We also ran some discussions with children in each class to discover more about their learning during British Values Week. We also helped to update our PSHE display board to help children start to think about their mental health as we start our new whole school she curriculum this term.

The new Jigsaw curriculum has been launched this half term for all classes. The Year 3 classes were initially trialing it last term and they finished their unit on "Relationships" by celebrating with a streamer party! The children created their very own appreciation streamers recording the names of people in their own lives who they appreciate and the reason why. 

October 2017 Rhianna and Olivia-Jo giving up their lunch time to write the letter for the Respect based Pride Week T shirt event led by the Bees.

During special theme days/weeks and some topics, children from the Busy Bees organise competitions, present awards and give presentations in assemblies. In our pupil surveys it is clear that the children do not think bullying is an issue in our school and that they know who they can go to if they feel sad.

Keep watching this page for frequent updates about the work of Bewsey's Busy Bees!

Our PSHE Govoner is Mr Phil Chadwick. He works at the hospital and helps us to make sure that there are opportunities for our classes to further their learning about their health care, as well as visiting classes and helping us spread the PSHE word!

Here two of our bee's are giving up their lunch time to help update the display board;

Year 3's streamer party to celebrate the end of their learning on their "Relationships" unit;