Welcome back to our LGBT+ page and our quest to spread the message about equality and diversity.

During the summer break, Mrs Wright was interviewed by BBC Radio Manchester about our LGBT+ work in school.  It was really exciting to know that many listeners heard about the amazing work that we do in school. We were extremely PROUD. To follow up, we had a visitor came into school to make recordings of the children's opinions and even video a lesson.

The Hackney Empire June 19th 2018 - Attaining our  Educate and Celebrate Gold Award.


In May we spread the word that any form of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia is unacceptable. 

Together, we are stronger. 

Our school Educates and then Celebrates our differences and diversity.

Remember - Love has no labels.

In partnership with Educate & Celebrate, we will be encouraging our children and their families to widen their understanding of what it means to be different, whilst being treated the same. 

Our first Anti-bullying week celebrated differences and acceptance for all.

In November we held our Edu-bake and Cel-a-bake event where we were totally flabbergasted by the amazing cakes created by the children and their families. 

This piece of work was done at home by one of our Year 3 children after our 'Rights Respecting' week. Her class learnt about gender and what it means to be transgender. We thought this piece showed maturity and respect for the lives, feelings and choices of others.