RE at Bewsey Lodge

The children at  Bewsey Lodge have access to a broad ranging Religious Education curriculum. They study  four different religions , linking them to key spiritual questions and reflect on their own beliefs and ideas.

Our children have a respect and interest in other people's religions and cultures. They are given every opportunity to visit religious establishments and meet people of different faiths to their own.

As a school we celebrate all faiths festivals and believe that the  understanding of different faiths leads to a greater understanding of the world we live in and most importantly each other. 

We  have support a number of charities through our harvest festival. This year we collected food for St Joseph's who are making Christmas hampers this year.

           Our friends from St Josephs

We currently have links with St Barnabus Church Bewsey, Hope Hall, The Islamic Centre Bewsey  and Manchester synagogue. 

Work done by the children after an Easter workshop from Rev Timms. 

   A trip to Manchester Synagogue

We also encourage our parents and families to share their faith and culture with our children and each other. We have a diversity group that meets every half term to talk about how we can develop understanding across our schools diverse community.

We are currently looking for volunteers to join our community group. We also encourage our parents to share their experiences and expertise in school. Please contact Mrs Jones if you wish to support school in this way.

Click here to find out what we have been learning about and sharing in assemblies.

 Reverend Timms from St Barnabus' Church who came to talk about lent.

Amir came from Bewsey Islamic centre to talk to the children about Eid.

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

All of our teachers are Level 1 trained in P4C. Philosophy is taught on a weekly basis in Key Stage 1 and 2 where small groups are taken by the teacher each week during Friday Assembly. This quality time allows the children to think in more depth about a range of topics and current affairs. P4C is also used incidentally throughout the curriculum as a way of exploring difficult subjects, enhancing speaking and listening and embedding the school's drive for acceptance and respect of the lives and opinions of others.