Autumn 1 Theme day 

This week we held our first KS1 Theme Day which focused around the theme of Democracy. The children began the day with a short assembly which introduced the theme and taught the children that they 'have a voice' to 'make a choice' through 'voting.' Throughout the day the children moved around 5 activities set up by the teachers which demonstrated the need to make things fair and vote for what they wanted. The idea that 'voting is a fair way to choose things' and that 'it is OK if you don't win' was a common theme throughout all the activities. 

The children had a brilliant day and really began to understand the importance of Democracy and what it means to them. Here are some of the photos from the day. 

Miss Kendal 

During this activity the children listened to different songs so that they could choose the one that they might like to hear and dance to at the end of the session. After the votes were counted and the decision was made. 'Who let the dogs out?' was defiantly the strong favourite amongst the children…maybe not Miss Kendal's favourite by the end of the day though! 

Mrs Nicholson

During this activity the children looked at 5 different story books to see which story they would like to hear at the end of the session. The children carefully voted and then the winning book was chosen. It seemed that the children had two clear favourites in this activity. 

Miss Albiston 

During this activity the children were asked to decorate the Union Jack flag. Which creative way should they do it? Paint, glitter, coloured pencils or felt tips? The children voted and I think judging by the classroom floor, glitter was a clear favourite! 

Miss Pope 

During this activity the children had to get active as it was their choice which 'get fit' game they wanted to play at the end of the session. They could choose between Skeleton Shake, Elephants/Giraffes and Palm trees, Move to the story or Fitness BINGO. Can you guess which won the most votes? Yes BINGO. The children were so excited as the votes were counted and took it really well if their game didn't win. 

Mrs Hopson 

During this activity the children voted for an Ambassador for Tidy playgrounds. The children put forward their ideas and then the group voted for the child they thought could do the job the best. Well done to the 5 children who won the vote and made sure our playground was nice and tidy on the Thursday. 

Look out for our next theme day after the half term holiday.