Aspire to be the best that YOU can be!

Here at Bewsey Lodge Primary, members of staff are extremely passionate in ensuring that all children reach their potential in all subjects. Throughout our school, in both the classroom and within extra curricula activities, our children demonstrate many different talents, of which we are extremely proud of. 

As a school, we try our best to challenge and stretch the learning of more able children, as well as provide children with opportunities in which they can thrive in and enjoy as part of their education.     

If you would like further information on the provision the school provides for our more able and talented children, then please do not hesitate to contact Mr McLoughlin, the More Able and Talented Co-ordinator.

This half term, children within Y5 have wrote their own version of the heart-warming fantasy, The Snowman. The children have been working on using direct speech and powerful actions to create and build character's personalities.

As well as this, selected children from across KS2 were invited to attend an art workshop, which was ran by Mr Marsh, who is a specialist in observational drawing. The children worked in collaboration with the Y5 children and chose the same stimulus based on The Snowman.