Say hello to our Councillors...

Each class from Year 2 upwards has School Council representatives. These are children who have presented themselves to the class as candidates and explained (along with others) why they would make an outstanding class representative and why their classmates should vote for THEM in the democratic vote!

The School Council make a BIG difference in school. They organise fund raising events, raise money for school fund and also their own projects.

The Council meet every two weeks, the children bring the thoughts and ideas from their own classes to share and we plan for the half term ahead.

We keep a log of all of our meetings and actions which can be found in the entrance hall for everyone to look through. Keep your eye on this page and on our log book for further School Council activities.

Current Projects:

This year the School Council are fundraising to improve our school environment.

We will be holding sponsored events, sales, competitions and dress-down-days throughout the year. 

What have the School Council been up to?

Last year, the School Council organised sponsored events, raffles, competitions, dress down days, ran a stall at the October Fest and had cake sales to raise money. They worked exceptionally hard and raised over £2,200. What a phenomenal team they were!

We want to build on the success of this and continue the hard work this year.