We regularly ask parents and carers for their input on many of the policies implemented in school. This policy reflects the opinions of those who have responded to our most recent parent survey. Last update November 2018.

At Bewsey Lodge Primary, we believe that homework should be meaningful, useful and enjoyable. It should offer engaging tasks which challenge and deepen thinking and also develop skills from across the curriculum. For some, homework is a time when the child enjoys completing tasks by themselves; for others, homework can mean family time and working with someone who can help them deepen their understanding. We understand that some children have time consuming activities/hobbies which they take part in before and after school and that each family is different. We have therefore tried to be creative in the way we offer homework whilst maintaining some structure in the development of the Basic Skills.

Our Non-Negotiable Tasks

In Reception

Children are given a reading book and they are expected to read at home, with an adult, at least 3 times per week.

In Key Stage 1

Children are given a reading book and they are expected to read at home, with an adult who should record it in their reading record, at least 3 times per week. They also have spellings to practice with an adult which are linked to Read Write Inc Phonics.

In Key Stage 2

Children are expected to read every night this should be recorded in their reading record by an adult. Older children may prefer to read alone however they should still have this recorded by an adult. Children also receive weekly spellings linked to their spelling level, which they should learn in preparation for a weekly test.

Our Optional Tasks

In Reception

Children are occasionally offered work to take home and complete with an adult which links to the work they have been doing in school.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

In the last week of each half term, a homework information sheet will be sent home giving the details of 12 different tasks which can be completed during the holiday and throughout the following half term. The tasks are usually linked to the class topic but maybe linked to current affairs or a special event in the calendar. They will range in challenge and curriculum focus. All completed tasks should be brought into school on the last Monday of the half term; a date which will be printed on the information task sheet. Homework will be marked in that final week. For every completed task the child will receive 5 diddi-dots – diddi-dots are collected by children in school and can be exchanged for prizes. In addition, all classes offer times tables practice sheets which children can take home to work through at their own pace.

During the Spring term, teachers in years 2 and 6 will offer additional SAT practice homework. It is highly recommended that this work is completed but it is optional.

Reflection Time

Reflection Time is a quiet place where children can complete any un-finished ‘non-negotiable’ homework with the support of an adult if required. Reflection Time can also be used for children who have not completed tasks in lessons or those who need to reflect on choices they have made during the school day. Reflection Time is available daily in a Key Stage 2 classroom.

Additional Homework

If parents request it, age appropriate homework can be arranged in English and Maths. Answer booklets will also be supplied so that parents/carers can fully support and mark their child’s work at home. 

Occasionally teachers may send extra home to support learning or to help children consolidate their understanding.