What are SATs?

Some parents and carers may be wondering what SATs tests are and what their children have to do. Please watch our videos (below) to find out more. 

End of Key Stage 1 - Year 2

End of Key Stage 2 - Year 6

Key Stage 2 SATs Dates 2020

SAT stands for Statutory Assessment Test in UK education, and they are carried out by the Standards & Testing Agency.

The dates for 2020 are:

In 2021, Eid is due to begin on the evening of Wednesday 12 May. We understand that, given the significance of Eid, some pupils may be absent from school on Thursday 13th May, the scheduled day of the final KS2 test. Please let us know nearer the time if your son/daughter can not attend that day and we will ask for a timetable variation.