Lifelong learning - The Jigsaw Approach

'Pupils are happy. They feel very safe and well cared for...The school is calm and provides a nurturing environment, particularly for those pupils who attend the specially resourced units'. Ofsted, 2014

'PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) underpins every aspect of life at Bewsey Lodge. PSHE is taught from Nursery to Year 6 following the Jigsaw curriculum; each area of study is differentiated to meet the needs and the maturity of the children in each year group.

The areas of study are:

*  Being me in my world

*  Celebrating difference

*  Dreams and goals

*  Healthy me

*  Relationships

*  Changing me

The Jigsaw PSHE Curriculum is an approach which has the development of the whole child at its heart. All lessons are centred around establishing a safe and positive learning environment based on trusting relationships between all members of the class; adults and children alike.

Each weekly session begins with the school song (for that particular puzzle), followed by the Jigsaw Circle Time and 'Calm Me' session. Confidence in oneself and awareness of self – the backbones of good mental health – are sometimes tricky concepts for children (and adults) to adopt. However, a tried-and-tested method is used in Jigsaw and is proving to be invaluable when helping children to become more successful in all aspects of their lives, not just as learners. The practice of mindfulness, where children learn to be in the present moment without judgement, is taught in every Jigsaw lesson – through the Calm Me time, through visualisation and through breathing techniques. Mindfulness practise enables them to observe their own thoughts and feelings, regulate them and make conscious decisions about their learning, behaviour and lives. It helps them to remain focused on the present moment and thrive in it.  

Every aspect of the PSHE Association’s programme of study is covered in Jigsaw. You can see where the strands have been covered; the mapping grid is freely accessible here

The PSHE association programme of study can be viewed here.


This link will take you to 'Development Matters', this document you will tell you about the different stages of learning in EYFS. If you take a look at the PSED (personal, social and emotional development) area, this links most closely to PSHE and SMSC.

The promotion of equality and diversity is a driving force behind much of our PSHE learning. Click here to read about how Jigsaw encompasses LGBTQ+ into the curriculum.


'Caring and supportive relationships between adults and children ensure that children are keen to take risks and challenge themselves', Ofsted March 2018

Take a minute to watch our short film. The film aims to show some of the understanding and knowledge our children have about the importance of diversity and equality. 

The Jigsaw Charter

Throughout the lesson the children (and adults), are encouraged to develop skills, attitudes and behaviours which can be transferred to all aspects of their lives - in school and out, this is the Jigsaw Charter:

*  We take turns to speak

*  We use kind and positive words

*  We listen to each other

*  We have the right to pass

*  We only use names when giving compliments or when being positive

*  We respect each other's privacy.

Sometimes written work, art or thoughts are recorded in the Jigsaw Journal but quite often, the lessons are high quality speaking and listening sessions where children have the time to share their opinions and be listened to; hear the opinions of others and have the time to reflect. 

Listen to the children in Year 4 singing verses to the 'Healthy Me' song which they had written themselves. 

You can read more about the Jigsaw Curriculum and how it supports: safeguarding, The Prevent Agenda (extremism and radicalisation), British Values and SMSC using the following link:

At Bewsey Lodge School, we actively promote the fundamental British Values of :

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We promote and reinforce these British Values throughout the curriculum and all areas of school life. Topics and units of work are used to focus on these values in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Theme days and assemblies put these values at the heart of our school. Visitors into school and class trips enhance teaching, learning and understanding in all of these areas.

Our school also believes the teaching of SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) to be of the upmost importance in preparing all of our children to participate fully and positively in their community, now and in the future

Children's SMSC development is promoted and embedded in our school in a variety of ways. All classes take part in PSHE lessons. Topics and units of work are used to promote children's understanding in a range of areas, such as healthy lifestyles, money awareness and relationships. Themed weeks, for example, Anti-bullying and Understanding our Rights ensure all children have the opportunity to develop understanding of SMSC. Strategies such as; circle time, class worry monsters and the "Philosophy For Children" approach give pupils a voice and enable them to share their feelings and concerns in a safe and open environment, whilst developing a mature emotional vocabulary. 

Click on the document below to see where the British Values are taught throughout Jigsaw.


Click here to find out more about the Bewsey Busy Bees and the work they do promoting the British Values in school.