Flute Tuition

Continuing this year is our small group flute tuition sessions which are taught by our resident music specialist, Mrs Stuart. Five children have chosen to continue their learning into year 6 after starting lessons September 2019. Due to COVID19, lessons will be on a 1:1 and last 20 minutes. 

In the sessions, children learn how to play and develop their skills in flute playing, read music and learn the basics of musical theory. Following our previous exam success, we also have some children who are preparing to take a graded exam in the Summer term 2021.

We  have many opportunities to perform throughout the year including CLASP assemblies, the Bewsey Festival and the Accent music hub 'Playdays' where the children meet other performers from other local primary and secondary schools. We are hoping these will continue this year.

Each week we take a look at music theory and use our knowledge to write our own compositions.

Here is an example of our work.

Past Performances

Our children perform at the Accent Playday.

Our year 6 group perform at Penketh High Schools music concert on their own and as part of an ensemble with pupils from the High School.