We are an ECO Green Flag School

Since embarking on our Eco journey, we’ve come a long way and have successfully gained the ‘Eco Green Flag’ award. This recognises excellence in schools who have achieved the necessary standards in the nine topic areas. Please see link below for further information:


Eco is now firmly embedded into our schools curriculum, so much so, that the children’s knowledge and understanding on this subject is now second nature.

The Eco-team work tremendously hard in maintaining their knowledge/understanding of a wide variety of Eco subjects/issues and continue to promote Eco throughout the school.

Eco Certificate

Eco Report

The children are extremely passionate about this subject and embrace their roles and responsibilities, which include:

  • Holding regular meetings and taking minutes
  • Discussing ideas and feeding back to classes
  • Working as a team/delegating jobs
  • Organising projects/assemblies
  • Devising action plans

We have a number of Eco-Projects on the go, which are run solely by the Eco-team. These include:

  • Litter picking at dinner times
  • Monitoring lights/T.V’s
  • Monitoring recycling in school
  • Water audits
  • Monitoring our energy usage in school
  • Mini PCSO

The Eco-Project empowers the children, builds confidence and provides them with a sense of responsibility in and out of school.

Keep up the good work!