Aspire to be the best that you can be!

Here at Bewsey Lodge Primary, members of staff are extremely passionate in ensuring that all children reach their potential in all subjects. Throughout our school, in both the classroom and within extra curricular activities, our children demonstrate many different talents which we are extremely proud of.

As a school, we try our best to challenge and stretch the learning of more able children, as well as provide children with opportunities in which they can thrive in and enjoy as part of their education.

If you would like further information on the provision the school provides for our more able and talented children, then please do not hesitate to contact your Phase Leader.

Creating a love of learning through challenge and fun!

Our subject leaders have already organised some great events this year to engage our children and challenge those who show a real flare for the subject....

In November, the Geography and Science Lead teachers took a group of keen geographers and scientists to Castleton to find out more about the area. They stayed over night and took part in a village study, a study of the land use in the area dating back to Roman times and also visited the Blue John Mine. It was a great field trip and one which brought together like-minded children from across Key Stage 2.

In the Autumn term, we also saw the Great Geography Quiz which was organised by our Geography Subject Champions. The quiz saw our talented geographers teaming up with teachers and Governors to win the coveted trophy! It was a great event and one which we'll repeat in the summer for our Key Stage 1 children! 

At Christmas, the Geography Team organised Santa's Capital City Challenge. Anyone

could enter this fun event where they had to learn 24 cities and their capitals. Anyone scoring over 20 correctly won a humongous bar of chocolate! Of course, everyone who entered got a prize and with over 60 children entering, it was another great success! 

This term the science champions have been working in Reception. Their class topic was about the polar regions so the science champions planned a lesson to do with the children. It was based around freezing and melting. The children had to help "Percy the Penguin" whose fish had frozen and he was hungry!!!! How was he going to melt the ice???

Each group of children, supported by the science champions, used different methods to melt the ice. They described what was happening as the ice got warmer and worked out which was the best method to use. 

The science champions had a fantastic time and could see the impact of real life situations when teaching a concept. The children in Reception enjoyed the experience of working with the older children and were able to vocalise their predictions and observations as they participate din the activity. This is definitely an experience we will repeat. 

In November, the History lead took a group of passionate historians to the Mu
seum of Liverpool. The children took part in the ‘Let’s be archeologists!’ workshop which provided children with hands-on experience of being an archaeologist and they were able to make their own discoveries about Liverpool and the surrounding areas. They carried out excavations of Prehistoric and Roman sites, whilst learning about the importance of evidence and investigating the finds. It was a fantastic trip which encouraged historical enquiry and critical thinking skills. 

In the Summer term, we had a History Quiz which was organised by our History Subject Champions. The quiz had two rounds which children across key stage 2 took part in in teams; there was a general knowledge round and a picture round which focussed on the children's learning across the key stages. The quiz was a great success and the winning team got a chocolate prize each!