Broad and balanced - engaging and fun!

'The curriculum is not only broad and balanced, but creative and exciting. Pupils enjoy a wide range of extra learning opportunities through theme days, creative learning, arts, sports and performance', Ofsted March 2018

Underpinned by the National Curriculum our curriculum has been custom designed by us to promote and support the culture of the community and the school. Our cycle of study is broad and balanced and has a good balance between personal and academic development. 

When planning our curriculum we considered the barriers our children face both socially and academically – what is it that may prevent them from reaching their full potential? Therefore we have heavily embedded units which predominantly feature and promote SMSC life skills, mental well-being and mindfulness, aspiration building, diversity, acceptance and respect and tolerance for the lives and cultures of others. Teachers are highly skilled at delivering these sessions and Philosophy for Children also plays a part in our timetable during our weekly Jigsaw PSHE lessons.

Read more about our Jigsaw lessons here.

We use a thematic approach which ensures we can develop and extend writing through a range of genres and varying purpose. However, we recognise the importance of skills within a range of subjects being developed, taught and taught well. Humanities units feature highly in our curriculum and within these books, you will find a balance of both writing learning outcomes and also targeted humanities outcomes.

The Arts feature highly in our curriculum and we have our own specialist Arts teacher who teaches throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6. Weekly lessons include music, art and drama all of which are enhanced by our CLASP sessions and theme days. PE is taught by our full time Sports Coach and Spanish is taught by our Specialist Spanish teacher.

CLASP – Creative Learning Art Sport and Performance are weekly sessions where children are taught in smaller groups to deepen and enhance their life skills and curriculum knowledge. Sessions have included construction (woodwork) St John’s Ambulance (6 weeks course) and Cooking. We also utilise the Commando Joe scheme of work, an intervention which, alongside challenging our children physically and mentally, is designed to build confidence, self-esteem and deepen our fundamental values around acceptance and respect. 

Read more about CLASP here

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Nursery Long Term Plan 20-21.doc

Reception Long Term Plan 20-21.docx



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Subject Leadership

As with all schools, all of our subjects have leaders but at Bewsey Lodge, our leaders enlist a group of champions to assist them in their work. Our Subject Champions are made up of children who have shown a flare for the subject and also children who enjoy the subject, there is also a Governor assigned to each subject and a shadow leader who has shown an interest in getting involved. 

The role of the team is to make sure that the subject is taught well, that the subject is fun and engages children and also offers events or visits beyond the classroom. Subject champions are involved in evaluating the subject development plan and also monitoring books to make sure that the National Curriculum is being followed and that the work meets the needs of all children. 

Each subject has a display board in school which informs everyone about what's going on in the subject, upcoming events and also shares good work from across the school.

Our subjects are assessed at the end of each half term they are taught. This data is handed to the subject leader who then analysis it to find out if there are any areas of their subject that need developing, it helps to inform them if staff need any training and also if they need to buy resources. Analysing the data, tells the subject leader if the % of children reaching Age Related Expectations (ARE) is broadly inline with other subjects and it provides data for our More Able and Talented Leader who can then monitor that these children are be challenged. 

Subject Leadership

Please contact one of our Curriculum Leaders for further information:

Curriculum Leader (KS2): Miss Reid

Curriculum Leader (EYFS/KS1): Miss Turnbull

English Lead: Mrs Clark - Link Governor: Cathy Foster

Maths Lead: Miss Muia - Link Governor: Mike Jones

Science Lead: Mrs Jones - Link Governor: Dave Barlow

ICT Lead: TBC - Link Governor: Nigel Spencer

History Lead: Miss Reid - Link Governor: David Wright

Geography Lead: Mrs Wright - Link Governor: David Wright

Performing Arts Lead: Mrs Stuart - Link Governor: Emma Ray-White

Art and Design Lead: Mrs Leach  - Link Governor: Emma Ray-White

Design & Technology Lead: Miss Kearns - Link Governor: Emma Ray-White

Spanish & EAL Lead: Mrs Williams - Link Governor: TBC