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Create. Innovate. Inspire.

At Bewsey we are incredibly proud of our Design & Technology curriculum. We believe it provides an opportunity for creativity, innovation, problem solving and expression. It is also vital for those children who may struggle with core subjects, such as english and maths, as it can give them a chance to shine and a pathway to success that they may never have had before.

At Bewsey we believe that it is important to give our pupils a range of experiences and opportunities to help them find what they are good at and what they enjoy, so that they can feel proud and confident in themselves. Every child is different, and at Bewsey we celebrate that wholeheartedly.

For those pupils who do excel in the subject, there are opportunities for trips and extensions to their learning as well as termly competitions that allow children to demonstrate their practical skills and independence in creating, designing and making.


Key stage 1

In KS2, Design & Technology is at the very heart of our CLASP sessions, which is a huge part of why we are so proud of it. It allows for smaller classes and an even more hands on approach to learning. Children learn how to problem solve and how to see a project through from start to finish, from researching and designing right through to evaluating their final product. They also get to use machinery and have access to skilled professionals who help them to overcome any difficulties they are having. Ask any pupil in our school and they will tell you how much fun they have in these lessons. 

Key Stage 1

In KS1, all three strands of Design and Technology are taught within classes and are embedded within topics. In addition, CLASP now also takes place in Year 2, with children making a variety of treats fit for an afternoon tea party for parents.

Early Years Foundation Stage

In EYFS, aspects of Design and technology are primarily taught in the Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design strands of learning. In these areas, they explore materials, use simple tools, build and create. Children also share ideas and decide how best to represent them, including which materials and tools to use.

‘Tell me and I forget – show me and I may remember – let me do it, and I learn.’ Learning through making works!

Prue Leith, Leith’s School of Food and Wine

Design & Technology is integrated seamlessly within our creative curriculum as it is embedded into topics. This helps to provide a new way of accessing the topic and increases learning potential, especially for visual and kinaesthetic learners. 

Teachers provide children with a purpose for their project with a clear process of design, make, evaluate, as well as teaching the basic skills needed to achieve their success criteria. Children are assessed based on observations throughout the process as well as their final product.

Curriculum objectives

Design and technology is taught in three strands; Textiles, Construction (and Electrical Components) and Cooking and Nutrition

Here are the objectives each year group should achieve by the end of the year:









By the end of their time at Bewsey, we want our children to feel confident working with a variety of tools, utilising a variety of skills and producing work of a high standard. In addition,  our hope is that they have been inspired enough to spark a dream of becoming the next top chef,  designer or innovator.

Design and technology is about making things that people want and that work well. Creating these things is hugely exciting...

James Dyson, Chairman, Dyson Ltd


July 2021: What's going on in LEGO club!?

This week in Lego club we learned about the 7 wonders of the world. The children then chose one to re-create out of LEGO. They look fantastic! 

Meet Peter our 3D Printer!

Earlier this year we welcomed our new 3D Printer into the Bewsey Lodge family. Some children in Key Stage 2 have been learning how to use it by designing and creating personalised key chains.

Take a look:

3D printing uses a printer to create three-dimensional objects, for example, a cup, a phone case or a toy. It has already revolutionised the world of prosthetics and even architecture. The future is exciting when it comes to 3D Printing and here at Bewsey Lodge, we are making sure that we don't miss the opportunity to be a part of that future. Follow the link to learn more about 3D printing and the opportunities it can provide for our children.

Lego Robotics Workshop 27.02.20

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to work with Nick from JuniorSTEM. Our more able and talented children in D&T and I.C.T took part in the morning session where they built hungry alligators out of LEGO and then programmed it to open and close it's mouth! In the afternoon, our Year 4 children built cars from Lego and programmed them to move using their own algorithms.

This exciting opportunity allowed children to explore new equipment and software and gave them the chance combine D&T skills with I.C.T skills. All children were challenged by adding sensors into their algorithms and using their problem solving skills to debug and overcome obstacles. The children were overjoyed with their success! After speaking with individual children it is clear to see that they thoroughly enjoyed it!