From Fairy Tales to Shakespeare 

Our English Curriculum

At Bewsey Lodge, we are incredibly proud

of our exciting and engaging curriculum, which is underpinned by effective English teaching. It is our aim to allow children to access and understand the world using a wide range of vocabulary, high-quality texts and engaging writing opportunities. 

Writing is taught as part of a cross-curricular approach, children learn to write for a range of purposes and topics, they read texts linked to their areas of interest. We recognise, however, the importance of explicit English teaching and so each class will also experience at least one English-focused topics from fairy tales in reception to Shakespeare in year 6.

English is taught daily, Foundation stage and Key stage 1 learn phonics and early reading and writing through the Read Write Inc programme which is taught every day alongside  additional reading, writing and grammar focused lessons.

Key stage 2 continue on the Read Write Inc spelling programme to build upon their spelling and phonics. Throughout the week the children will have and writing focused usually linked to their focus topic. We also ensure there are oppurtunities for writing in other areas of the curriculum such as Science or PSHE. Reading comprehension is taught using our Complete Comprehension scheme. Each week children will complete five lessons about a focus text. This will include:

Lesson 1: Vocabulary and language 

Lesson 2: Grammar and punctuation 

Lesson 3: Model and practice a key comprehension area

Lesson 4: Mixed comprehension

Lesson 5: A piece of writing linked to the text

Using this consistent approach, all pupils will be exposed to a range of genres and texts whilst also developing the knowledge needed to fully understand what they are reading.

You can read more about how we support the teaching of reading including reading at home here.

Something that is incredibly special at Bewsey Lodge is our LAMP books (Look At My Progress) children from year 1 to year 6, complete two pieces of writing in this book each half term, it follows them through school and allows teachers, visitors and the children themselves, to see the amazing progress they make as they move through school.

To ensure the pupils make above average progress, teachers have termly pupil progress meetings where we can identify pupils who may need additional support, this may be pupils who are working below the expected standard or even our MAT pupils who need further challenge. Our English lessons are adapted to the needs of our pupils, this may be through differentiated tasks or questions, adult support, visual prompts or modelling. 

 We also have a fantastic group of helpers, who have been using their time to read with children across school.

A day with Rhythmical Mike for Year 5!

Mikey Markham or 'Rhythmical Mike' is a spoken word artist who joined us for the day in March 20' to not only perform his work but to inspire and support our Year 5 children in writing their own poetry. Click here to read more about this amazing day!

A good book, studied with a good English teacher, takes you on a journey in search of answers to the crucial questions in life you didn’t even know you wanted (or needed) to ask. 

Professor Lisa Jardine, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London

This year, we have introduced class poems. We want children to leave Bewsey Lodge with a knowledge of a range of poems which they know and can recite. We have carefully selected poems for each year group which children will learn and practice throughout the year so that by the end of year 6, children will know at least 6 poems off by heart! The poems have been chosen to reflect both classic and modern poets, you can have a look at our poems here:

year_1 Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

year_2 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Jane Taylor

year_3 The Garden Year by Sarah Coleridge

year_4 Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

year_4/5 Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

year_5 Tyger Tyger by William Blake

year_6 If by Rudyard Kipling

dp2_ Don't by Michael Rosen

We are very proud of our results at Bewsey, our children make great progress from early years to year 6. In 2019, we were over the mood to learn that we were above national averages in the key stage 1 and key stage 2 Sats in reading and writing, this included over 80% of our year 6 pupils achieving age-related expectations or higher in year 6. We also had a higher percentage of pupils achieving the phonics score in key stage 1 than the average in Warrington. This success comes from the exciting and engaging curriculum we have developed at Bewsey, the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and the incredible hard work of the pupils. 

You can learn about our results and data in more detail here.

Whilst we are proud of our results, we recognise that they do not tell the full story, we also aim for children to leave Bewsey Lodge with a genuine passion and enjoyment of English, particularly reading. Throughout the year we host various competitions and events to encourage children to be creative and show their enjoyment of reading and writing. In July 2019, we held our first Writing Week: we hosted two authors who worked with all the children in school from nursery to year 6, including the children in DP; we had a brilliantly creative 'dress as word day' where children represented words using their creative outfits; finally we hosted our annual spelling bee for key stage 2. All these events were made possible by our brilliant English champions, a group of children who are passionate about leading and developing English in school.

A visiting Author & the children enjoying a book.

The value of English in the curriculum? What can I say? Without English, nothing. And without good English, nothing very well. 

Anne Fine, Author