Lego Coding Workshop

What a fantastic opportunity we have had!

Some of our children who excel in Computing, had the opportunity to work with a visitor from JuniorSTEM on Thursday 27th February. They built a hungry alligator a hungry alligator and then had to programme it to open and close it's mouth! 

In the afternoon, the Y4 children, continued this amazing experience. They had an opportunity to explore the equipment and software they would be using and then once they had built their car from Lego, programmed it to move using their own algorithms. 

All children were challenged with adding sensors into their algorithms and children were overjoyed with their success! Speaking to a couple of during the day, they throughly enjoyed it!

ICT expands horizons by shrinking worlds.

David Brown, Chairman, Motorola Ltd

Miss Kendal is our Computing lead and also teaches Computing to years 4, 4/5 & 5.


Miss Kendal is our Computing lead, delivers the computing sessions in CLASP and teaches computing lessons to Year 4, 4/5 & 5. 

Following the changes to the National Curriculum, Computing now replaces ICT. There is a greater focus on learning about computers and developing programming skills rather than just learning to use devices. 

At Bewsey, we recognise that computers underpin today’s modern lifestyle and believe that in order to develop children into leaders and innovators of tomorrow, our children must be equipped with the range of skills for the 21st century. Our vision is to develop independent learners who are well equipped for their future; to gain the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies, developing their confidence and capability to use digital technology thoughtfully throughout their lives.

Also, we are aware that children come into school already able to use tablets and computers. As digital natives, our children are at ease with technology, however we also understand that they can lack the life skills needed to work safely online. Therefore, we ensure there is appropriate emphasis on this element of the curriculum. 

In the first week of the year, all classes will be covering online safety - please see links below to help support your children at home.

In addition, there will be an opportunity for parents to come into school a little later in the term to learn more about this important element of the curriculum.

Computing is taught during an hour long session each week, in KS1 and KS2.

Our curriculum uses the 'Knowsley Scheme of Work' and ensures that children leave school with secure basic skills in how to use a computer, reading and coding algorithms, creating and debugging simple programs of their own, developing logical reasoning skills and looking at ways in which computer programs can be used to create, organise, store, retrieve and edit digital content. 

Teachers also use the laptops and iPads to develop digital literacy skills in other lessons, using ICT as a tool to support and encourage learning.

Computing is part of our CLASP sessions and this year an after-school club will be devoted to encouraging computing skills. 

Look out for pictures of Computing being taught through the school and exciting opportunities to come!