Making a discovery at Bewsey Lodge! 

At Bewsey Lodge developing the whole child is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to develop children who are confident, independent learners with an enquiring mind, We endeavour to provide a learning environment that promotes resilience whilst encouraging scientific enquiry. 

 We are really proud of our science curriculum at  Bewsey Lodge. The children love finding out about the world around them and enjoy asking questions and working out answers scientifically. They take part in lots of practical work and enjoy sharing their findings in a variety of ways.

Science investigational skills, vocabulary and knowledge underpin many of our curriculum topics and wherever possible there is a clear link between the class topic and what the children are learning about in science. 

 :" Look the magnet can help the paperclip out of the water, it sticks "  


Science is taught weekly. On occasions the class topic for the half term is a science topic ! For example keeping healthy which focuses on animals and humans. As well as weekly science lessons we also have a science week , where the focus is solely on Science. This enables teachers to  focus on a science topic bringing all areas of the working scientifically  together in one week as well as bring in different visitors to enhance the curriculum.. This will be in the spring term this year.

Year 5 taking part in an experiment to find out which material would make a effective food wrap.

Wherever possible science lessons are practical. The working scientifically strand focuses on critical thinking and the skills need to problem solve. Children are encouraged to make predictions, think about how to find things out, carry things out, collect results and then analyse them to think about what they have found out. 

The children are assessed on the different science strands that are covered in the topic at the end of each half term. The working scientifically strands are assessed every half term.  

Click on the files below to see how the skills and knowledge progress across each year group. 



We need you !

We welcome any input from parents and carers, especially anyone who has a job in science or which is science based. We are always looking for visitors to come and speak to the children about their jobs and what they do. Please let Mrs Jones know if you would be interested.

During Lockdown you played an important part in your child's science learning and we loved  seeing all of your pictures and videos . Here is one of our children doing an air resistance experiment at home! 

                       Amazing News !

Our school has been awarded the Primary Science Quality mark . 

Over the last two years the science lead , the teachers and the children have been working really hard to raise the profile of science in school. This has involved improving resources, supporting staff to improve the teaching and assessment of science as well as improving Science capital which is the understanding and experiences of science in the wider world .