Learning Spanish at Bewsey Lodge

Our Language lessons incorporate reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish and whilst we begin to teach some of the basics from as early as reception, we teach more formally when we reach Key Stage 2. 

Much of the basic language is taught incidentally throughout the week whilst the deeper study takes place 2 hours per week during CLASP sessions. These sessions also incorporate learning about the Spanish culture and further develop skills and knowledge in other curriculum subjects such as geography, music, dance and art. 

This half term, Y6 children have been taking part in the CLASP sessions and they have been learning how to listen to and answer simple questions such as:

What is your name?

How old are you?

How are you?

They are able to speak about how they feel and can also use adjectives to describe themselves.

After School Club

In club we have been immersing ourselves into Spanish culture. We have been learning about traditional food from the country and cooking our own Tortilla de Patata! Have a look!

Bewsey Lodge International Award!

Bewsey Lodge Primary School has successfully met the criteria for the Intermediate level of the British Council International School Award.

"The assessor was impressed by the number of appropriate [international] activities which engage pupils across the school."

Bewsey Lodge is a proud international school celebrating cultures and diversity in plenty of different ways. 

Spanish Games! 

Children can continue to enhance their Spanish learning at home in a fun way with digital dialects! 


The children have learnt the language to be able to talk about some common foods and also  some Spanish dishes. The can order from a menu and say if they like or don't like something. They will use these skills in a couple of weeks time when we go for a Tapas lunch at a local restaurant. Children will have the opportunity to taste food such as tortilla, patatas bravas and prawn pil pil (to name a few). They will ask for what they want and then we will discuss and write about the foods they enjoyed and why. To help them with this task, they will  be using a Spanish dictionary which is all good practice for the next steps in their language exploration! 

Watch this space for photos and videos of their learning!

Before Covid

We have had a long period of disruption due to Covid and with many of our children in and out of schooling, this year, we have had to take a little step back to make sure all of the children have the basics in place before we move on. 

Pre-Covid, our children were making some excellent progress as they passed through Key Stage 2 with some able to write and produce their own mini plays. 

Here are some of the examples from 2019 which show the progression in skills and knowledge in Spanish. 

Listening progression

By the end of Year 3, children should understand a few familiar spoken words and phrases. Listen to this audio, can you understand the spoken words?


By the end of Year 6, children should understand the main points and some detail from a short spoken passage. Have a listen, what can you understand from this audio?


Speaking progression

By the end of

 Year 3, children should be able to say/repeat a few words and short simple phrases that would be understood by a sympathetic native speaker. Have a look at our fantastic Year 3 speakers!


By the end of Year 6, children should be able to take part in a simple conversation and express simple opinions. They should have generally accurate pronunciation. Have a look at our fantastic Year 6 speakers!


Pupil voice

"Spanish is one of the best lessons in the school. Every day we learn new things. 

"I like to learn Spanish in school so when I go to Spain, I can talk in Spanish with my friends"