Welcome to Class Topaz (Year 5)

Summer 2

Topic- Changes

Science - Animals Including Humans, Living Things and Their Habitats

Jigsaw - Changing Me

Re- Sikhism


In RE, we will be learning about how Sikhs show their commitment to God. We will be reading a variety of Sikh stories to find out about their beliefs and also consider some big questions about the religion.

Watch some videos about Sikhism here


In our topic this half term, we are focusing on life cycles of different plants and animals. We will look at the different ways that plants and animals reproduce. We will be doing lots of writing about different plants and animals too. 

Start learning out about parts of plants here and life cycles here.


Our theme this term is 'Changing Me' where we will learn about how our bodies will change as we start to hit puberty.We will also be finding out about how humans reproduce.


Mrs Matthews will be teaching Science each Tuesday afternoon this half term. In 'Animals Including Humans' we will be looking more in depth at the human life cycle and comparing it to the life cycles of other animals. 

Start finding out about human life cycles here.



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