Welcome to DP1 - Silver Class

Welcome to our DP1 page. You will be able to find out all about what we do in our class, all of our exciting activities and up and coming events. Our enthusiastic team are always here to help . If ever you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see us. 

Meet our team 

Silver Class's teacher is Mrs Jones and the classroom assistants are  Miss Rout and  Mrs Blaney. Each week, Miss Wilcock will be in Silver class on Tuesday afternoons, Mrs Sinnet on a Thursday afternoon and Miss Bandy all day on a Friday.

Mrs Jones

Miss Rout

Miss Wilcock teaches in our class on Tuesday afternoon.

What we are doing this term?

Summer 1




This half term we will be basing our topic work around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be learning the story and pretending to be the characters. We will be talking and writing about what the characters look like and re writing the story. We will also be reading books that are based on the story including Jasper's beanstalk. We will also be learning about how beans grow ,. We will be growing our own beans and creating our own bean diary.

Links to websites about our summer topics





In science we will be learning about plants. We will be planting different plants and watching them grow. We will be also talking about what plants need to grow well. We will be exploring our forest school and finding out what plants we have growing on our school grounds. We will be also learning about what plants we use for food and how important they are to keep us healthy. 


In ICT we will be continuing our learning how to use a keyboard and develop our typing skills. We will be learning how to switch a computer on and off, find different letters , type our names and change font. We will also be learning how to look after a keyboard properly and log on and off safely.


We hear the children read everyday in the mornings and then read class stories throughout the day. The children have individual flashcards with letters and words that they do on a daily basis. We use colourful sematics to support our speech and reading comprehension which support talking about the story,, who , what, where. 

RWI and writing skills

We will continue to follow the Read Write Inc scheme of work. This means we will continue to learn new letters and sounds every week and then learning to blend. We have been doing lots of work on fine motor skills and early writing activities and have a dedicated pinchy fingers session for the children to practice different skills. This includes threading, pegging, using stickers and tweezers as well as dressing skills.


We will continue to use our Singapore maths strategies and make our work as practical and as concrete as we can. The children use apparatus on a daily basis to practice their number and counting work. We will also be learning about 3D shapes , length and adding this half term.


In Jigsaw we are learning about relationships this term. We will be talking about how to be a good friend and how we look after other people at school and at home. We will be talking about feelings and how to recognise them in ourselves and others.

The Jubilee

As you are aware it is the Queen's jubilee in June. To commemorate this important event we will be celebrating in school where the children will be asked to come in dressed in red, white and blue. Further details will be sent out nearer the time

Sensory curriculum

We do a sensory circuit twice a day in the morning and afternoon. These are a series of apparatus and actions that the children do to support their sensory processing. They can also access this during the day. We also have a quiet room with weighted blanket and peanuts/exercise balls to promote vestibular and  proprioception sensory feedback. We have had support from Occupational Therapists in delivering  a sensory curriculum within our setting.

Our lovely sensory area in the main entrance

Here is a website for activities and ideas for home.


                                      As always, if you have any questions please get in touch!

Thank you.

Dates to remember

Mondays and Thursdays -Books are changed 

Wednesday and Fridays - PE

Friday - Spellings given ( yr 2 only)


We are very lucky to work with specialist instructors from Warrington Wolves Foundation in all our PE lessons. We learn a lot of new things and use different apparatus and equipment. Best of all we always have lots and lots of fun!!!! 


Uniforms for children with additional needs

Just a quick uniform tip . Next have trousers and skirts which have no buttons and M & S have velcro shirts. I have found them very useful as it means less buttons, especially that tricky top button. I am sure there are other ranges on the market however this is one I have used myself.


As the weather will be getting colder please send your children in with appropriate clothing and a hat and coat. Please ensure all of your children’s clothes are clearly labelled. We will be spending a lot of time outdoors this term, whatever the weather. If you have any waterproofs and wellies that can stay in school please can you send them in.


The children will have brought a book home from school. Please could you read with them every day. If your child is not able to read yet, talking about the pictures and what they can see will help them to be able to access books and learn how to use them. We will be sending words home to learn.
Some of our children have a lot of speech and language as well as OT and physio work so we are mindful not to give too much to do at home. We send homework at the beginning of each term. This will be a mixture of maths, English and practical based topic work. Please can you hand it in at the date given on the sheet.


If your child has a medical appointment during school time please can you ensure you bring a copy of the letter so we can photocopy it or email school with the text from the hospital or appropriate service. This is only for attendance purposes and will be kept in your child’s file.

Pick up and drop off

Just a quick reminder that school starts at 8.45 am and finishes at 3.15 pm apart from a Friday when school will finish at 3.00pm. Please can you ensure you are here promptly to drop off and pick up so we can start the day off quickly and also your child is not waiting at the end of the day as they can find this very distressing.


We usually provide snack and ask for a small charge each week. However, currently we are asking parents to provide a healthy snack for the morning, fruit or a biscuit will be provided in the afternoon at the end of the day. Please send your child with a water bottles in will be sent home every day for washing. 


We will using our communication books to send messages to and from school when needed. If you need to tell us anything about your child’s night or any issues or questions, please can you write in the book and we will get back to you the next day. If you need to speak to Mrs Jones, please ring for a telephone appointment after school.

Our dinner supervisors

                                                                        Miss Bandy