Welcome to Bewsey Lodge Nursery

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Bewsey Lodge Nursery continues 

to welcome new children 2021 - 2022 though we are almost full

**Please fill out an application form if you wish to apply ** (click here)

We are currently welcoming applications for 2021- 2022 and beyond

The aim of our Nursery is to make the transition from home/other childcare settings as smooth as possible. We hope that both you and your children are excited about this new stage in their life.

We hope that this information, together with chatting to us, will answer any questions you may have about your child starting Nursery.

For questions or queries please contact 
Mrs. Clifford using the following email address:

Please click on the links to the right for details of our learning!

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Our Vision:

In Early Years, our children are loved and inspired.  We encourage and build confidence, resilience and independence in our young people through engagement and challenge. We engineer a stimulating environment that empowers them to thrive.             

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The children are required to wear a Bewsey Lodge polo shirt. These are available to buy from Nursery at the beginning or end of the session and are priced at £6 each.           

Image result for Bewsey Lodge imagesSessions

Your child will complete one of the following:

A morning ‘place’  (8:30-11:30 am)

An afternoon ‘place’  (12:30-3:30 pm)

A ‘30 hour place’  -  please refer to the "Terms and Conditions for 30 hours" document for further information about 30 hour funding, (see below).   Children who stay all day need a packed lunch from home.  Please note, your funding details need to be processed before the end of the previous term to secure your full entitlement, (to access your 30 hour funding in the Summer term, you will need to supply Nursery with your funding code before the final week of the Spring term). 

Most children attend for either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons per week. There is no cost for these sessions. 

It is very important that children arrive and are collected on time.  Please be aware staff are not responsible for your child out of these hours.  If you do not collect your child on time regularly, you will be charged for the extra time outside of the session.

Snack Time

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We provide a healthy snack during both morning and afternoon sessions.  This will be a time when the children sit at a table with an adult, share a snack with their friends, develop an awareness of healthy food and nurture conversational skills.  This is a valuable opportunity to enjoy learning in a real life context, eg. to use mathematical language when counting to share pieces of cheese or describing the length of bread sticks. 

  • Please note it is vital we are aware of any allergies or dietary requirements - please talk with us if your child cannot eat or be in contact with certain ingredients.
  • Please pay £1.50 per week for your child's snacks.  Our snacks for the week and each day will be listed on the website and displayed by the Nursery door.

The Learning Environment

Our learning environment is fundamental to everything we do in nursery; through careful thought and detailed planning we continuously enhance our indoor and outdoor learning spaces. 


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum – what your child learns at Nursery

Please see the link below.  This is a really good document for parents to view, as it gives you information about the EYFS curriculum and gives you ideas for how you can help your child at home.   https://foundationyears.org.uk/2019/08/parents-understanding-how-your-child-will-develop-and-learn/

Supporting Parents to Support children at home

There is a wonderful document that gives advice and support to parents with developmental milestones, what to expect and ideas to support your child with this next steps.  Here is a link to the website:  https://foundationyears.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/...

Shared Learning with Parents/Carers 

At Bewsey Lodge Nursery we use the secure online learning journey Tapestry to share children's learning with their parents and carers. It can be accessed using this link:


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Your child will be linked to you using your email address.  Parents have said they have found it really simple to use and a great way of getting involved in what children are learning at Nursery!  You can fill in the 'All about me' section and also upload your own observations from home. Please speak to Mrs. Clifford if you have any trouble using Tapestry.  

Nursery Application Form

Nursery Vision

Terms and Conditions for 30 hour places

Nursery Information Booklet 2021-2022 

Child Information Pack