Miss Wright                                                                                                                         Miss Redmore


    This year in Year 2 Blue there will be Miss Wright and myself, Miss Redmore (your child's class teacher). Each week your child will also be taught by Mrs Stuart and Mr Riley, our music and P.E specialists.

Your child will be greeted each morning by one of us, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of us. 

Summer 1 "Moon Zoom".

This half term in Blue Class our new topic is space. Each week we will be learning about a different aspect of this unbelievable subject, from the first machine in space to the first man on the moon, we will be covering it all! Through our writing sessions we will be looking to tell stories, using time adverbials, a range of conjunctions and exciting expanded noun


We will also aim to extend your child's vocabulary and ability to use this in their writing. It is going to be a busy term full of exciting opportunities to learn amazing things! 

Some useful links to support your child at home.. 

We will also continue to work on your child’s reading and ability to find key information from the text. This can be tricky so please, where possible, read with your child as much as you can as this has a huge impact. 

Week 5- The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 

In the final week of this half term, we will be learning all about The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We will be celebrating this special event one day in school, look out on our schools newsletter for more information.

Please find the link below for the homework grid:

For each square on the homework grid you complete, you will receive 5 didi-dots! 


Things that happen during the week.. 

  • P.E is on a Thursday, your child will need a kit for all weathers! This includes going outside when it's chilly or wet. Please bear this in mind.
  • Each day your child needs to put their reading book in the box, it will get checked each day, please record this in your child's yellow reading record book. Reading books will be changed in school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Homework activity sheets will given at the beginning of each topic. The children can choose which activities to complete for their homework during the half term. Each completed activity will earn the children up to five diddy dots.

In maths we will continue to work on the Singaporean approach that allows the children to explain how they reached the answer, jotting it down in their maths journals.

This half term we will be working on money, time and shape. 

Please support your child are home by doing as many activities related to these topic as possible. 

There is a fantastic website called "Top Marks" to support this learning. 


Things you can do with your child at home:

  • Practise their spellings with them each week (these are due in each Thursday and your child will receive 5 Diddy dots).
  • Read with your child each night or alternatively use the Oxford Owl login where your child can access a variety of books.
  • Your child will get a timetables grid to fill in, to practise their timestables recall.
  • Your child also has a login to 'Timestables Rockstars' this is another fantastic way for your child to practise their timetables recall. You can access this via the app on an iPad, phone or a laptop. Please ask if you need your child's login again.

  • At Bewsey Lodge we follow the Jigsaw scheme right through school. This teaches our children mindfulness, self worth and encourages the children to express their feelings and any worries they may have. It also explores children's rights and responsibilities.

    This half term our topic is; 'Relationships'

    • Week 1-I can identify the different members of my family, understand my relationship with each of them and know why it is important to share and cooperate.
    • Week 2-I understand that there are lots of forms of physical contact within a family and that some of this is acceptable and some is not.
    • Week 3- I can identify some of the things thatcause con ict with my friends.
    • Week 4- I understand that sometimes it is good to keep a secret and sometimes it is not good to keep a secret.
    • Week 5-I recognise and appreciate people who can help me in my family, my school and my community.
    • Week 6-I can express my appreciation for the people in my special relationships.

    Our Jigsaw lesson will take place every week. Don't forget to tell your grown-ups at home all about the work we are doing in Jigsaw lessons.