Welcome to Year 2 Purple Class.

Meet your staff.

Please do not hesitate to ask any of your staff if you need help, information or have any concerns.

Things to remember

PE day is Thursday so please send your child in full PE kit on that day. During the colder months, please send your child to school with an outdoor kit (long sleeves and long trousers) to keep them warm during outdoor activities. 

Friday is our CLASP day. You will receive a letter letting you know what your child is doing every half term and if they need kit on that day. If they do, please send your child into school in their kit on that day.

Children need to read at home every day. Please record this in your child's yellow reading record book. Reading books will be changed in school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Homework activity sheets will be given at the beginning of each topic. The children can choose which activities to complete for their homework during the half term. Each completed activity will earn the children up to five diddy dots. Don't forget to also take a look at the National Trust's "50 things to do before you're 11 and three quarters!". Take photos of your adventures and bring them to school. 


And finally, don't forget to wear full uniform to school every day. You never know when the Uniform Police will pay us a visit!

Summer  Term 

Hello everyone! Welcome back to school for our final term - let's hope the sun shines for our final few weeks!

This half term our topic is called "Moon Zoom" and it is a History topic. This means we will be using lots of historical sources and timelines to help us to understand about space travel in the past.

What do you already know about space? Have you ever read anything or watched any films with a space theme? Over the next few weeks we will be finding out about the machines, animals and humans that have travelled to space.

Here is your Homework grid  for our new topic. You can choose to do any or all of the activities from the grid and you have until Monday 23rd May to complete your homework. You will receive diddy dots for any work that you complete.

Click the link below to look at the Homework Grid.


You have also been given  a Knowledge Organiser that will help you to learn even more about our topic. Make sure you read it carefully and check back every week to see if you have learnt about some of the things in class.

During the topic, we will be learning all about the space race - the race to send a human to the moon. I wonder if people have ever walked on the moon? How would you feel if you were able to take a trip to the moon?

In class, we will also be reading lots of stories and poems that have a space theme or setting.

This is one of the characters that we will read about.

In the final week of term, we will be celebrating a very important event called the Platinum Jubilee. This will mark the 70th anniversary of our queen, Queen Elizabeth II, becoming our monarch. We really hope that the sun will shine for our day of celebrations!

Our Jigsaw unit this half term is called Relationships. Here is an overview of what we will be studying during the half term:-

Week 1 - Knowing about families and why it is important to share and co-operate.

Week 2 - To know about acceptable and unacceptable physical contact

Week 3 - Understand some of the things that can cause conflict with our friends. 

Week 4 - Know that some secrets are good and some are not.

Week 5 - Appreciate people who can help me in my family, school and community.

Week 6 - Express my appreciation for people in my special relationships

Our Jigsaw lesson will take place every week. Don't forget to tell your grown-ups at home all about the work we are doing in Jigsaw lessons.

Year 2 is a very important year for all of our children as we will be carrying out important assessments towards the end of the year. We will do lots of fun activities to get us ready. As always, if grown-ups have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to ask a member of our Year 2 team.

We will be reading lots of fiction and non-fiction books about space. Visit your library to see if you can find any interesting books about space. See if you can find any books to read and then you can tell the whole, class about them.

Here are some websites that might help you as we begin to think about our new topic of "Moon Zoom."