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Summer 1

Week 1-2: Revision and Topic

Week 3: SATS (wb 09.05.22)

Week 4: Topic

Week 5: RE & Queen's Jubilee Celebration

CLASP: D&T, Golf or Art

Jigsaw: Relationships

Important Information:

  • Spelling and timetable homework will be given out every Friday to be handed in the following Friday. 
  • Our P.E. day is a Thursday.  

Why Climb the Himalayas?

Throughout this geography topic, the children will find out about the major mountains of the world and the UK. They will find out the different ways in which mountains have been formed, and how different features of mountain ranges have been shaped over time. Children will have the opportunity to consider what the weather is like in a mountainous environment and to consider, why do people climb the Himalayas despite the risks?


Enquiry question: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on earth?

During these R.E. lessons, we are learning to examine the influences Christianity still has in the world and to evaluate whether it is still a strong religion.

Jigsaw - Relationships

Throughout our jigsaw lessons, the children will learn about what makes a relationships 'healthy' or 'unhealthy'.


Important Dates:

  • Monday 25th April - Back to school 
  • Tuesday 26th April - Music Festival (7pm)
  • Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th April - Parents evening 
  • Monday 2nd May - School closed for bank holiday 
  • Tuesday 3rd May - Back to school 
  • Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May - SATS
  • Date TBCQueen's Jubilee Celebration 
  • Friday 27th May (1pm) - School finish for holiday


On a Friday afternoon, Ruby and Amethyst class will split into three groups to participate in Golf, Art or D&T. 

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CLASP sessions.


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