LEGO Coding Workshop!

We were so lucky to have a visit from JuniorSTEM today! 

The day was split into two sessions, both groups spent the first hour exploring the different equipment and becoming familiar with the software.

In the first session, some of our children who have shown a real flare for D&T, ICT or both had the opportunity to work together to build a hungry alligator! 

Then they programmed the 'Gator' to open and close it's mouth using their own algorithms. Children were challenged even further to use a motion sensor to control the snapping beast!

The Year 4 children took part in the workshop in the afternoon, the chidden built the simple car model following a set of instructions and then added their own ideas to construct the designs of their cars. 

Then, they were taught how to make a simple Lego chassis with a WeDo motor, which drives the rear wheels using pulleys and a belt. Using the programming software. children write algorithms to control their car!

Check out more photos from the day here!