Celebrations With Style

On Thursday the 13th and Friday 14th June the whole school took part in an amazing Eid celebration. The week was started with a visit from our friends from the Islamic Centre who talked about Islam and the reasons why people fast on Ramadan. We also talked about how people around the world celebrate Eid. We were then lucky enough to have some of our wonderful parents come in and donate their time and cooking skills to help the children learn about how Eid is celebrated. Mrs Chowdhry used Henna to create Mehdi patterns on some of our children's hands and we had special food cooked and shared by lots of our families. The food went down very well. The children also made and exchanged sweets with their friends in keeping with the tradition of giving gifts at Eid. Finally all of the children got to see some lovely clothes, jewellery, prayer mats and special artefacts that were brought in. 

These two days really brought to life the importance of celebrating as a family and community. The children loved sharing their special day with their friends and the children were able to see the similarities across the different faiths when it comes to prayer, sharing of food and spending time with family and friends.