Our Year 6 visit to London - March 2020

On Thursday 5th March,  we took our Year 6 children to London for the day to enhance their learning for their new topic, ‘London Calling!’

We got the train from Bank Quay at 9.22am and we were in London by 11.10am - part of what we wanted the children to understand is how easy it is to get around the country as they are really close to a great rail network. We wanted them to see that in the future, they don’t have to confine their careers to Warrington as getting from place to place is so straight forward.

It was a jam - packed day which picked up loads of the main sights. We went on the tube from Warren Street to Waterloo on the Northern Line; the children helped us navigate the lines and the stations which led us to the London Eye. We got some great pictures with some brilliant ones taken by Lilly May in Year 6. Her fantastic use of filters even made the rain disappear on some! We had lunch at a brilliant British fish and chips restaurant and also stopped off in the London eye 4d cinema.

Next we went on a 40 minute Thames River Cruise which was really good. The guide was really funny but knew his stuff and told the children all about the sights they were seeing which included St Paul’s Cathedral, the Globe Theatre and Tower Bridge. Because the rain was so bad, we had to have our art lesson on the boat. The children were asked to sketch an interpretation of the skyline as we sailed slowly past—there was some great work but Alex, Jaden K and Harry picked up prizes for their detail.

After that we headed to Leicester Square on the tube, visiting the gardens which had statues of famous British icons such as Mr Bean and Mary Poppins and also stopping at the MM World shop (which was ridiculously expensive!).

After picking up a few souvenirs, we jumped back on the tube to Euston and got on our train home at about 5.30pm. Bowls of crisps and flapjacks kept everyone happy for the final part of the day and although it was a long one, it was absolutely worth while and one we will definitely be repeating. Next year we’d like to stay over and maybe take the children to a show.

One last thing I do have to share is how well the children behaved. One lady on the train commented to teachers how lovely the children were and how well-behaved. A credit to you and our school as always.