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Thursday 1st October 2020

Hello everyone - welcome back to school! It's been a while since I've updated my blog but I'm back! I loved the summer sunshine and getting out on the beach and in the sea but I've got to say, I love love love this autumn weather!! I have a really thick coat so over the summer I had to shed lots and lots of it to try and keep cool. Mrs W moaned quite a lot about my fur being everywhere and kept trying to hoover it all up. Now it's October it's much cooler and I like that. My fur is thickening up again now to keep me warm and cosy when I'm running around in the park. And... how much fun is it chasing squirrels? Wow! I thought chasing the birds was great but squirrels can't fly away!!! There are loads of them around on the park where I live, Mrs W said that they're collecting food together now ready for the colder months but that doesn't stop me zooming across the park to try and catch them. I never do though, they always scamper up the trees; leaving me stood at the bottom - it's good fun though! 

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello eveyone - I'm missing you all soooooo much! It seems like ages since we were all in school together, I miss my friends but, I know that we have to keep away to keep everyone safe. I've been enjoying the sunshine, lying in the garden and going for some super walks. 

Here I am in the garden at home

It's my first summer so everyting is very interesting to me - espcially thngs that buzz and fly!!! Mrs W keeps teling me off for chasing bees and wasps in the garden - I like leaping off the ground and trying to catch them in my mouth. I haven't caught one yet but Mrs W says I'll be sorry if I do!!!

Yesterday we went for a walk to park that had a pond - I was a bit scared at first but eventually I got in for a dip! Well once I'd got used to feeling that was it...I didn't want to come out..swimming is ggggrrrrrrr-eat! Check out the video of me having a spash-tastic time! 

Friday 13th March 2020

Today I had a brillaint time listening to the African drums in a y4 music lesson. My ears were twitching all over the place - high sounds, lows sounds, loud and soft - the children are very skillful. I'd love to have a go but I think my claws might tear the skin on the drum - also I'm not sure I could resist chewing them! When Cadie wasn't looking I tried to have a little nibble on hers - whoops!

Saturday 8th February 2020

Today I went on my first weekend away to the Lake District and it was pawsome!! 

We stayed just near Lake Windermere in a place called Bowness.

The weather was lovely today so we went on a huge 10 mile walk, my legs were so tired by the end of it. On the shore of the lake you can feed swans and geese and ducks - there were loads of them. I wanted to go over and play but when I ran towards them I think they were a bit scared of me so I wasn't allowed after that. After our long walk, we went to the pub for tea but I was so tired I just had a sleep.

Here I am playing in the water...

Monday 3rd February 2020

What do you think of my new coat? When I wear it I know I am safe because everyone, including the cars, can see me coming. It also helps to keep my hair from dropping on the floor at school.

Friday 31st January 2020

On  Friday after school I went for a walk in the park. 

I have learnt to run round the back of whoever is throwing the ball - it stops me from jumping up! You just have to say, 'Round the back!' to me and I run around. This clip is a bit dark but you can just make it out.

When I am at home I have a teddy bear (we call it my baby) and I never ever chew it. I get it in my mouth and gently squeeze it, a bit like a dummy, until I fall asleep.

I still love my sticks, especially big ones! Mrs W goes mad when I find really long ones because when I run around her they scratch her legs - whoops! 

Here I am in the park with one of my favourites. I am looking forward to the weekend now - running around and playing in the leaves that are all over the place. Trees are weird aren't they? They spend all spring and summer growing beautiful leaves and fruit and flowers and then everything drops off in the Autumn - very strange! 

Just before I go, my favourite joke of the week:

What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a jelly?

The collie wobbles!  ha ha ha ha

Have a woof-tastic weekend everyone, see you soon, Leila xx

Thursday 23rd April 2020

I'm a bit fed up today, I'm missing all the children at school. If anyone would like to send me a letter or a card or a picture you've drawn I'd love to see them! Send me anything, a story, a poem anything at all. Mrs W will read them to me and show me any pictures - I'll try and write back too if you put your address on it. Anything you want to send can be posted to school or dropped off at the school office. thanks guys, love Leila xxx

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Look at my ace new seat in Mrs W's office!!! I especially like sitting up here when she's eating her lunch as I can get a closer sniff!!

Friday 28th February 2020

Oh wow I had such fun with my new friends in the Friendly Dog Workshop - I can't wait to meet them all again next week. I told you that some of the children at school are a little worried about coming near me so we invited them to come and meet me in a nice, quiet place. It was fab. Some of them came straight in for a stroke and some waited unitl the end - I even got a few treats which I didn't expect! 

Not all of the children wanted to stroke me this time but, I hope that each week when we meet, their confidence will grow.

Tuesday 25th February 2020

I am super excited this week because on Thursday I am going to be doing my first 'Dog Friendly' workshop. I just love making new friends but this also gives me the chance to show some of the children (who are bit reluctant to be near me) that I am a big softy. I'm hoping to get some strokes but it's ok if they don't want to - we can just learn and grow together.

Sunday 9th February 2020

We went on MORE walks today but oh my goodness, storm Ciara hit and it was so windy! At first we weren't sure if we'd get out with the rain but it seemed to clear so off we went. We walked all the way up to Windermere and then onto a place called Ambleside. By the time we got there (about 1hour 20 minutes later) the wind storm had returned and it was blowing the water from the lake right up onto the road! We got some lunch and I had another snooze. Mrs W decided to get us a taxi back because the weather was so bad but I had a lovely time.

Tuesday 28th January 2020

To practise my recall and control, Mrs W has been taking me on the outside equipment when nobody is around - it's great fun! Here I am running through the tunnel, my command is 'Through!' and when I do it...I get a treat! Yum!