Meet the P.E team!

I am Miss A B-Redmore and I am P.E. Lead at Bewsey Lodge. I am particularly sporty myself hence my involvement in this part of the curriculum. 
 I work alongside staff to ensure we have a wide range of interactive, challengin and engaging sessions that all children can participate in. I also look at progression across the school, monitor the quality of our P.E curriculum, teachers delivery and support in organising competitions.

Alongside me at Bewsey Lodge, we have the wonderful N.Riley, he has been at the school for several years and has built up a rapport with most of the children. He delivers our curriculum and works incredibly hard; organising competitions, delivering after school clubs and working on a 1:1 basis to build up children's physical and mental well-being. 

On our website you will also find a page for the following; 

  • School sports,
  • Lunchtime activities, 
  • P.E and sport premium, 
  • Sports Champions,
  • Swimming. 

"Exercise activates your brain and gives you energy for everything else, the energy to be enthusiastic about your work. So all your school work will gain from physical education".

(Darcey Bussell, Dancer, The Royal Ballet)