Lunchtimes and breaks

At Bewsey Lodge we realise the importance of free play and socialising for our children. Our extensive outdoor areas have been designed so that children in each phase have the opportunity to use different types of equipment to develop physical ability. We also have organised games, free play equipment and spaces where children can simply talk or play quietly.

At Bewsey Lodge we encourage the children to be physically active for at least 60 minutes everyday!

We encourage this through:

  • walking, cycling or skating to school;
  • engaging with equipment and games at breaktimes;
  • taking part in sport and physical activity afterschool clubs;
  • dancing and moving in classrooms when its raining outside!

Being accredited with the 'Happy Lunchtime Award' acknowledges the training our Midday Team and Teaching Assistants have undergone in areas such as organised games, strategies for managing conflict and positive behaviour management.

Each class has their own dedicated Midday Assistant who pick them up from their class and escorts them to the dinner hall. They then supervise the children through the outdoor play session and provide activities during a wet playtime session.

Mr Riley organises team games on the upper junior playground each lunchtime. Each morning Mr Riley can be found leading born to move sessions before school!

We also have a team of children. 

The P.E Champions, who will be organising games and activities for our younger children during morning and lunchtime breaks.


We recognise that some children can sometimes feel a little vulnerable during playtimes and therefore have a number of strategies to help them feel safe. Mrs Bailey offers 'Talk Time' sessions where children can go and speak to her if they have something they want to share. 

We also have our Bewsey Busy Bees - our very own anti-bullying team! The Bees have been active for 5 years now and are firmly embedded in our school. The children, who are visible in their black and yellow jackets, are trained to deal with conflict and help resolve arguments and will also approach children as a friend if they see someone who is alone or looks worried. Children in school know who the Busy Bees are and they know that if they have a problem or just want someone to talk to, they can ask a Bee!