Sport Premium

The Government provides schools with P.E. and Sport Funding, this supports schools in developing the P.E. and Sport curriculum. The funding consists of £18,426 and so far has been used to provide specialist P.E. coaching in school and out, in swimming, new resources and travel expenses so we can travel out of school to sport venues and events. 

By going some way to cover the costs of transport, the funding has also enabled us to take part in more competitions across the authority, widening the children’s experiences of meeting children from different cultural and socioeconomic groups.

Our Commando Joe sessions complement these important life skills. Click here to read more about this very special scheme in school.

Alongside developing skills and confidence in competitive and non-competitive sports, this additional funding enhances opportunities for us to develop personal and social skills in our children.

The use of expert tuition and coaching means that during every session, children are taught the importance of: rules, tolerance, patience, respect for others and being healthy alongside acquiring and developing key skills in a range of sports and physical activities.

Click here to view the PSHE outcomes for Key Stages 1, 2 and EYFS which we use to guide lesson content.

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Please see the sports premium expenditure attached for the description of the activities we have paid for with this funding.

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P.E Action Plan 2017-18

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Evidencing the impact June 2019.docx



Our pupils have worked alongside teachers and our sports coach to learn how to play team games and communicate well. Now during games in P.E sessions and at break times pupils can play well with each other without that adult support. 

We have seen a massive improvement in children working together in teams and co-operating, which is improving our social skills across school. The children can now take these improvements and adopt them when playing together (without an adult), at breaktimes. They have been taught to be self-selective in organising equipment and games within P.E. sessions and afterschool clubs. The resources we have bought are looked after carefully so children can continue to use them within their P.E. sessions throughout the years.

We believe that we have changed the mindset of our children: they love to take part in matches against other schools and enjoy attending our afterschool clubs and we hope that they take this attitude into the wider community. The high expectations from our staff help to contribute to the love of being active year on year.


At Bewsey, we want to support and encourage our children to develop life skills that will have an impact on their future. We ensure that they have an awareness of how being physically active can help their minds and bodies. They are allowed and given time to improve their skills and enjoy P.E. and sport. We teach our children how important it is to get along and co-operate with each other. We understand good sportsmanship, fairness and equality in sport and we hope our children leave us taking those vital values with them.


High quality P.E. and sport is taught each week by Mr Riley, our P.E. specialist in school. A variety of P.E. skills, games and sports can be seen in their lessons. Sport activities can be attended before and after school and this includes mindfulness. All Key Stage Two children participate in an extra hour of P.E. and sport during their CLASP sessions. This includes Born to Move, Sport games, Commando Joes and Orienteering. Children in Year 6 also attend extra swimming lessons as part of their CLASP. Our P.E. champions help to organise events and competitions in and out of school- continuing to raise the profile of P.E. at Bewsey.


We have seen greater participation in P.E. sessions, this participation has also encouraged enjoyment and engagement of being active and healthy, which will benefit the children as they grow older.

We have also observed a much greater competitive spirit amongst the children. They really enjoy travelling to other schools to take part in matches and they really care about working together to win! We believe that this has also contributed to an increased amount of children now playing for local football and rugby teams outside of school. More children are also attending our sports afterschool clubs. Many of our sports clubs are over subscribed.

Staff have commented that some children have made improvements in behaviour and concentration in class when they have been involved with a sporting or physical activity within school. We believe that if pupils are more on task then it contributes to learning well in class. Mindfulness is encouraging the children to take time to relax and be aware of their mental wellbeing and emotions they are feeling.

'Mindfulness makes me ready to learn...'

(Year 6 pupil)