P.E and Sports at Bewsey Lodge.

I am Miss Dugdale and I am P.E. Leader at Bewsey Lodge. I work alongside other staff ensuring that we have excellent and enjoyable P.E. sessions for the children. I also organise the sporting competitions that the children love to participate in. Our sports coach, Mr Riley plans engaging and challenging P.E lesson across school to ensure progression from year to year.

Exercise activates your brain and gives you energy for everything else, the energy to be enthusiastic about your work. So all your school work will gain from physical education. 

Darcey Bussell, Dancer, The Royal Ballet

     PE Curriculum


P.E Curriculum 
Our P.E. lessons cover a range of physical activity and sport. Each area of physical and sport development is carefully differentiated to ensure that our children progress each year as they pass through school. Mr Riley knows the children extremely well and this ensures that progression can continue into the next academic year. 

See our proposed LTP, which can be changed or adapted to the interests of the children.


(Kin Ball is an amazing new inclusive game for all. Check out https://kinball.co.uk/schools for more information about the game we'll be introducing this year).

The curriculum includes:

EYFS- Fundamental movement skills (FMS), which consists of throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking and agility;

KS1- FMS, games and gymnastics;

KS2- Invasion games, fitness and agility, athletics, gymnastics, striking and fielding, net and wall and swimming.

The children in Year 3  access swimming lessons at Orford Jubilee Hub for 10 week sessions. Year 6 access additional sessions for 6 weeks at SWIM! 

See swimming page for more details.

Alongside Mr Riley, we have specialist coaches from Warrington Wolves Foundation, who deliver physical and sports development sessions to our children with additional needs. They plan and teach exciting activities for the children in the Designated Provisions, which develop the children’s physically ability and encourages them to play in team games. The activities are fully accessible to all of the children.

Mr Donnelly from Warrington Wolves Foundation


Each class across Key Stage 2 will participate in an extra hour of physical activity and sport for a half term as part of their CLASP session. They will improve their skills whilst playing enjoyable team games. Alongside the sports lessons, children will participate in a ‘Commando Joe’ session, developing their skills in teamwork, confidence and physical activity. Research has proven that these skills transfer into other aspects of the children’s lives and help build confident and resilient learners.

This year, we are really excited to be following 'Born to Move' to help us get moving in a fun and engaging way, led by our fitness instructor Mr Bannister.

See our CLASP page for more information.

Progression in P.E

Gaining new skills and knowledge is based on prior knowledge and skills therefore Mr Riley, who teaches the year groups each year, has a very good understanding of where children’s strengths need to be built upon and the areas of support he needs to give to each child to develop at the start of every new year.

Mr Riley uses careful observations of children’s effort, technique and skill to assess progression and use the P.E objectives to understand where the children need to be and how they are going to help them achieve that objective.

Feedback (group and individual) and questioning is used to help progress and improve the children’s performance. Questioning is particularly used to help encourage children to talk about their learning and giving them the opportunity to use technical vocabulary that we expect them to use in P.E lessons.

This year we will be using Primary P.E Passport- an app that can be used easily within P.E sessions to monitor children’s progress and record other great things, such as contribution in lesson, effort, suitable kit and participation in competitions and clubs. We will be able to reward these children and encourage others to really get stuck into sports at our school!

Here's a link for more information on Primary P.E Passport.


P.E Kit

Your child should have an indoor and outdoor P.E kit. The contents of the kits should include:

Indoor : White T shirt, blue shorts and black pumps.

Outdoor :White T shirt, tracksuit bottoms, tracksuit jacket/ jumper, trainers.

Please note that earrings should be taken out or plasters sent in to cover them up. This is for health and safety reasons.

Trainers must be worn for outdoor PE lessons as they are harder wearing and support the children’s feet better on the hard ground.


We encourage our children to participate in sporting competitions where possible. This may be either within school or competing against other schools in Warrington and the surrounding areas.

This year we will be taking part in football tournaments throughout the year with other schools in the local area. Your child may be chosen to participate in the team from time to time. The children are improving their skills weekly in football club, so we’re really looking forward to the year ahead.

Other competitions will be organised throughout the year and we try and encourage all years to take part in a range of different sports. We aim to not only improve the children’s skills but to boost their confidence and enable them to be a good sport.

Year 5 trip to Robinwood

The first week of spring 1 year 5 went on a trip to Robinwood. Here they got to participate in many activities, including rock climbing and orienteering. Take a look at the photos to see what we got up to!

Please see the news page for photos