Meet the Governors

Take a look at some of the ways our Governors get involved with the children, families and community at Bewsey Lodge...

Mrs Kendal
Mrs Wright
Mrs Hunt
Mrs Foster
Mr Barlow
Mr Chadwick
Miss Pope

Mr Wright
Mrs Ray-White
Mr Jones
Mr Spencer

Governor Statement

The Governing Board of Bewsey Lodge Community Primary School comprises the following governors.

Chair of GovernorsMrs Donna Kendal
Vice ChairMr Nigel Spencer
Head TeacherMrs Emma Wright
Parent Governors (x2)Mr Mike Jones & Mr David Wright
Staff GovernorMrs Melanie Hunt
Local Authority GovernorMr David Barlow
Co-opted GovernorsMiss Sandra Pope, Mrs Cathy Foster,
Mrs Emma Ray-White & Mr Phil Chadwick
To enable Governors to perform their statutory duties they form part of the Leadership team of the school. Together with the school’s Senior Leaders, we have helped develop the school strategy and development priorities. We have strengthened our own systems to support improved monitoring. This is supported through termly Full Governing Board meetings and regular committee meetings. Terms of Reference and a cycle of business, non-confidential minutes can be accessed by clicking here. Minutes are made available to the full governing body termly. The minutes of the Full Governing Body meetings are available by clicking here. From time to time highly confidential matters are discussed and these happen in Part 2 of the agenda.

In addition each Governor now consolidates their own understanding of school management, curriculum and learning through individual visits to meet staff and participate in other activities and training. For 2018/19 the school development plan has a key focus on strengthening the teaching and assessment on the foundation subjects and Governors have aligned themselves with subject co-ordinators to better monitor these strategic outcomes.

Core Functions: The Governing Board has 3 core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, values and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Vision, ethos and strategic direction

Partnership and collaboration

We continue to explore options for academy status along with 9 other local primary schools. 
Impact - Becoming a part of a Multi Academy Trust along with the local primary schools will ensure our long term sustainability as a school. It will also allow us to build on the partnerships we have formed with these local schools in the past by building on our collaborative approach. This will then allow us to continue to accelerate school improvement.

Web Site updated

Governor pages updated with the aim to become more accountable to stakeholders.

Impact Improved visibility and accountability to stakeholders

Parent feedback gained from parents evenings and playground visits

Opportunity to meet with parents informally. Many parents and carers contributed to our record book or registered their views online at OFSTED Parentview. This showed our parents would recommend Bewsey Lodge primary School.

Impact Improved visibility of Governors, enhanced communication and feedback to Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

New governance code of conduct created

All Governors signed and committed.

Impact, Professional and committed Governing Board.

Next Steps:

In the coming year Governors will work with Staff, pupils and parents to review the schools vision.

Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

Alignment of Head Teacher objectives with School Improvement Plan and staff objectives

Impact Strong alignment between SIP, head’s objectives and staff objectives leading to focused and agreed areas for improvement by all.

Understanding data

Recruiting governors with educational experience and understanding of school data

Impact The addition of a deputy Headteacher from another school has improved the effectiveness of the children and learning committee. The Governing Board gets a better understanding of the data allowing us to identify and emerging lines of enquiry to help focus monitoring.

Link Governors assigned to areas of School Development plan & Governors’ monitoring visits

Links with classes and areas of the school development plan

Impact Focus on key strategic areas, better monitoring of key improvement areas throughout the year valuable feedback gained from school team on implementation of curriculum

Next Steps:

For 2018/19 governors will be trained in the use of ASP – online data tool provided by the Department of Education

Monitor the financial performance of the school


Chair of Resources Committee meets with the Head Teacher, Budget Officer and Business Manager each term. The budget is set annually and reviewed termly by Resources Committee. In current financial climate the budget continues to be reviewed closely and the forecast updated as appropriate throughout the academic year. 3 year forecast supports longer term planning.

Impact: Through regular reviews and meetings the Finance and Resources Committee has gained a detailed understanding of the school’s budget and therefore been able to support the school in prioritising expenditure and ensuring the school has a sound financial base.

Learning Environment

Following our redevelopment project in 2014, the physical environment of our school continues to improve year on year as the accommodation expands to meet the needs of our children and is used effectively for their learning. This year we provided additional space for group interventions for pupils together with improved accommodation for ‘Little Links’.

Impact: Improved use of space that supports children’s learning and activities

Governing Board Effectiveness

We continue to review our effectiveness as a Governing Board. Over the last 3 years we have undertaken a self-review, restructured in line with its findings and streamlined the Governing Board with only 2 committees: Children and Learning and Resources. This effectiveness was confirmed following a review by a National Leader of Governance. During 2018/19 we will monitor our effectiveness using NGA guidance as a basis.

We will continue to support the development of skills within the governing body and staff across school by aligning our training budget with development priorities and skills analysis. In the coming year Governors will seek further opportunities to engage with parents and will focus training on their monitoring role.

OFSTED Inspection

In March, school was inspected by OFSTED and achieved a rating of ‘Good’. However OFSTED recognised that Bewsey Lodge was on a journey to ‘Outstanding’ and recommended a more detailed inspection in due course. Governors were delighted that OFSTED recognised the leadership of our Headteacher, Mrs Wright and the hard work and commitment from all staff and Governors that help our children make outstanding progress and fall within the top 5% of schools nationally.

Governors would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and volunteers that support our school and have helped it achieve such a wonderful report. We look forward to another successful year.

Governing Body Statement of Responsibilities - Safeguarding

Schools and their governing boards have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This responsibility is outlined in statutory safeguarding guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).


Our governing board must comply with its duties outlined in detail in part 2 of KCSIE, and make sure that policies and procedures in our school are effective and comply with the law at all times.

These duties include:

Making sure that all staff read at least part 1 of KCSIE

Making sure that all staff receive regularly updated and appropriate child protection training

Having policies and procedures in place that support safeguarding, including child protection, pupil behaviour and staff behaviour policies

Making sure that pupils have the opportunity to be taught about safeguarding, including online safety

Making sure that an appropriate member of staff is appointed as the designated safeguarding lead (DSL)and there is at least one Deputy DSL

Preventing people who pose a risk of harm from working with children by following safer recruitment procedures

Discussing and reviewing safeguarding matters arising at Full Governing Body and Committee Meetings

Ensure the school remedies any deficiencies or weaknesses brought to its attention without delay.

Responsibilities of the safeguarding governor

The governing board must also appoint a governor to take leadership responsibility for the school's safeguarding arrangements.

Responsibilities of the safeguarding lead include:

Keeping up to date with statutory guidance and any advice issued by safeguarding partners and local safeguarding children’s board

Ensuring the school has suitable and up-to-date policies for child protection, staff behaviour/code of conduct, and handling allegations against staff and volunteers

Supporting the Governing board to develop its understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities, and report back to the board about safeguarding issues and developments

Meeting regularly with the DSL to monitor policies and procedures, and check that all staff, governors and volunteers have had the appropriate level of training

Monitoring the single central record with the school business manager to make sure school carries out appropriate recruitment checks.

Acting as a contact for any concerns staff may have related to the Headteacher.

Statement of Behaviour Principles

Business and Pecuniary Interest of Governing Body

Committees Subject Link Governors

Governor Meetings Summer 2019

Governing Body over the last 12 months

Attendance of meetings 2017-2018

Governing Body Structure