Assessment, SATs & Reports to Parents

During their time at Bewsey Lodge, children will be assessed in many ways, both formally and informally using a combination of on-going teacher assessments and formal tests.  The results of these assessments are used to measure progress, enable teachers to plan appropriately and inform parents of their child’s achievements.

Teacher assessment is carried out on a day-to-day basis and is an integral part of the teaching process.  Class teachers use many different methods to find out about each child’s skills, knowledge and understanding; for example talking and listening to children, marking work and observing children as they work and play.

Children in Reception are currently assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.  It is a statutory requirement for all children in Reception to be assessed using this profile.  The Profile is extremely comprehensive and looks at all aspects of a child’s development.

In Year 1, children's knowledge of phonics is assessed using the statutory Phonic Screening Check.

Children in Year 2 (optional from 2024) and Year 6 also take part in statutory assessments (SATs).

For Year 2, Teacher Assessment is the primary outcome.  This will be reported to parents.  The test results are used to inform the teachers’ judgements and do not form a stand-alone assessment of how your child has achieved against the Year 2 curriculum. 

In Year 6, children are tested in English, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS), reading and maths. They are also given a teacher assessment level for writing and science.  

Year 6 SATs Dates 2024

Monday 13th May :        Grammar & Punctuation test - 45 minutes Spelling Test - 20 minutes

Tuesday 14th May:        English Reading Test - 60 minutes

Wednesday 15th May:   Mathematics Arithmetic (Paper 1) - 30 minutes Mathematics Reasoning (Paper 2) - 40 minutes

Thursday 16th May:       Mathematics Reasoning (Paper 3) - 40 minutes

What are SATs?

SAT stands for Statutory Assessment Test in UK education, and they are carried out by the Standards & Testing Agency. Some parents and carers may be wondering what SATs tests are and what their children have to do. Please watch our videos (below) to find out more.

End of Key Stage 1 - Year 2

End of Key Stage  2 - Year 6

Please have a read of the information on the links below,

2024 Information for Parents KS1

2024 Information for Parents KS2

Termly Reports

Teachers will report to parents three times a year:

Autumn Term - Before Christmas

Spring Term - Before Easter

Summer Term - July

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you need reports in a different format.

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