At Bewsey Lodge Primary School, the safeguarding of every child and adult in our school community is fundamental in all that we do. 

Safeguarding Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that all children and adults are safe from harm at all times and can thrive in an environment which is secure and free from abuse and bullying of any kind.

We work hard in creating a welcoming atmosphere which develops the social and emotional needs of everyone; supporting, questioning, loving. At our school people are nurtured, valued and treated equally. Worries, concerns and thoughts are listened to and addressed in an environment of mutual respect.

At our school we are proud to feel:


If you are concerned that a child or adult is at risk of being harmed, or you are concerned about the behaviour of someone towards the children or adults in our school, 
please contact a member of the Safeguarding Team:

Safeguarding Suite of Policies:

Child Protection Policy

Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Exclusion statutory guidance document 

Anti-bullying Policy

Child Missing Education Policy

Missing Child Policy

Managing Allegations Against Staff

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing: an easy read guide for staff 

Whistleblowing Referral Form

Positive Handling Policy

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021

Keeping Children Safe in education 2021; Part 1

Business Continuity and Critical Incidents Plan

Safe Recruitment and Vetting Policy

Online Safety Policy

Warrington Safeguarding Partnership

The Child and Social Work Act 2017 requires the Local Authority, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and the police force for an area (The “Safeguarding Partners”) to make arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the area. For more information about Warrington's Safeguarding Partnership, click on the link below:

Useful contact numbers:

Children's Safeguarding/Social Work Team: 01925 443322

Outside of office hours: 01925 444400

Other useful links:

Please see our Events Calendar for upcoming safeguarding training.