PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) underpins every aspect of life at Bewsey Lodge. PSHE is taught from Nursery to Year 6 following the Jigsaw curriculum; each area of study is differentiated to meet the needs and the maturity of the children in each year group.

The areas of study are:

*  Being me in my world

*  Celebrating difference

*  Dreams and goals

*  Healthy me

*  Relationships

*  Changing me

The Jigsaw PSHE Curriculum is an approach which has the development of the whole child at its heart. All lessons are centred around establishing a safe and positive learning environment based on trusting relationships between all members of the class; adults and children alike.

Each weekly session introduces the focus for that week, followed by the Jigsaw Circle Time and 'Calm Me' session. Confidence in oneself and awareness of self – the backbones of good mental health – are sometimes tricky concepts for children (and adults) to adopt. However, a tried-and-tested method is used in Jigsaw and is proving to be invaluable when helping children to become more successful in all aspects of their lives, not just as learners. The practice of mindfulness, where children learn to be in the present moment without judgement, is taught in every Jigsaw lesson – through the Calm Me time, through visualisation and through breathing techniques. Mindfulness practise enables them to observe their own thoughts and feelings, regulate them and make conscious decisions about their learning, behaviour and lives. It helps them to remain focused on the present moment and thrive in it.  

You can read more about how Jigsaw is taught and assesed on thier website.

Every aspect of the PSHE Association’s programme of study is covered in Jigsaw.

The PSHE association programme of study can be viewed here.

RSE - Relationships and Sex Education

This aspect of PSHE is taught predominently in the ‘Changing me’ unit at the end of the year. Prior to this unit being taught, parents/carers are sent a copy of the lesson plans/objectives. Whilst RSE is a satutory part of what we are expected to teach in Primary school, parents/carers do have the right to withdraw thier child from these lessons.

You can view our RSE policy by clicking on the file below.

RSE Policy

Here is an example of the assessment used in School:

Example of Jigsaw Assessment


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