I love a good run!

I am in school for much longer now, all day on most days, so during the day I like to get out for 20 minutes and stretch my legs. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it (I probably have) but I love playing with sticks. I like it when mum throws them for me but I don’t like giving them back! What I really like to do is collect them all up and run round with them in my mouth- I had 6 in there once! Check out this video of me getting giddy on the field this week.

Over the weekend I had lots of walks but also spent lots of time chillin’ because it was very rainy. When we’re in, I like to watch animal programs. I like listening to the sounds that other animals make and I like watching them move around the TV; I sometimes forget that they’re not real and chase behind the TV to look for them - silly me!

Here I sam this weekend watching Planet Earth - Sir David Attenborough is awesome, I think if I was in a house at school I would choose blue for Attenborough!

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