School Clubs

Our Extra-Curricular Programme will run for children from Year 2 to Year 6. We offer a variety of activities such as sports , choir and crafts like knitting. Many of our activities are very popular and some children may be placed on a waiting list, they will be invited to join a club as spaces become available.

Please be mindful that our staff  work long hours so it is important that children are collected promptly at the end of a club.

During Summer 2, school clubs will run from Monday 17th June 2024 to Friday 19th July 2024.





Multi-Sport Y5/6



Multi-Sport Y3/4



Dance Y2/3

Knitting Y4/5/6

Football Y5/6





Multi-Sport Y2



Football Y3/4

Choir Y3/4/5/6

Dance Y5/6




Choir is open to children in Key Stage 2. Children learn songs from other cultures and traditional and modern songs, which they perform at various venues such as St. Rocco’s Hospice, St. Elphin’s Parish Church and The Parr Hall throughout the year.

At Knitting, children from Years 3 - 6 learn to knit small patches. These are sewn into baby blankets. For the past ten years we have donated these blankets with hats and cardigans to the neo-natal unit at Warrington Hospital. We have knit items for many projects, from jumpers for penguins, Christmas decorations and Santa hats for new born babies.

Multi-sport is run over three evenings for children from Years 2-6. Here, children can learn skills for different sports and games. Children have lots of fun and practise their new skills in friendly games.

Football runs twice a week for children from Key Stage 2.  Here they learn the skills and discipline needed to play the game. Our older children may be part of the school team and compete in matches against other schools in the area.

Our Dance instructor is Miss Rebecca. She runs two clubs for children from Years 2 - 6 and they are very popular. The children learn dances from other cultures, alongside traditional and modern dance which they may perform at school events and assemblies.

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