Mental Health & Well-Being

We have a comprehensive offer of support for the development of good mental health and well-being at Bewsey Lodge Primary School. It is our intention to meet all needs, at varying levels, by providing support in different ways from resilience education for all to more personalised 1:1 or small group sessions, with specialist staff, where required.

Here are our Mental Health and Well-Being Team

Miss K Kearns

Mental Health Lead


Mrs C Marsh



Mrs G Price

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mr N Riley

Pastoral Support



Schools Link Mental Health Team Practitioner


Mrs E Bailey

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mental Health Education

Jigsaw PSHE Curriculum is taught across school from Nursery to Year 6. With a philosophical approach to learning, each lesson promotes talking, sharing feelings about topics and listening to the feelings of others. Each unit encourages resilience, self-help and mindfulness with some units, such as ‘Healthy Me’ having a much clearer focus on mental health and strategies to promote a positive sense of well-being.

Click HERE to read more about Jigsaw and PSHE in school.


An ELSA  is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Marsh is our school's ELSA.

ELSAs are warm, kind and caring people who want to make children and young people feel happy in school and to   reach their potential socially, emotionally and academically.
They support children’s emotional development and help them cope with life’s challenges. ELSAs will also help children and young people to find solutions to problems they might have. Relationships are key in helping children and young people to feel safe and nurtured. ELSA is about creating a reflective space for the child or young person. What areas does an ELSA help with;

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Self-esteem

  • Social Skills

  • Friendship issues

  • Managing strong feelings

  • Anxiety and worries

  • Bullying

  • Emotional Regulation

Mr Riley is our school’s Pastoral Support.

 Mr Riley works with children across the whole school in a 1:1 or small group situation. He offers support for lots of different reasons         such as; reluctance to come to school, anxiety, worries, friendship issues, bereavement and managing emotions. Mr Riley will provide         children with strategies to use in these situations and also offers a safe space for children to talk. 


Our Mental Health Team Practitioner comes into school to offer support to some of our children. This is usually over a 6 week period and in a small group or 1:1. Similar to an ELSA, they offer support to children around; self-esteem and confidence, worries and anxiety, relationships and emotional regulation. Throughout the six weeks, they are in regular contact with our Mental Health Lead and parents to share how the sessions are going and discuss any additional, ongoing support that may be needed. 

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