Christmas Time!!!!

This is a great time of year! I love the ice and snow - I love running round and rubbing my nose in the frosty grass and slipping about on the ice!

Last night I had my Christmas bath at the groomers. I had a bath and a good brushing, she cleaned my ears and trimmed my nails too! I’m not so sure about the perfume she sprayed all over me at the end but I love my Christmas bandana.

This week me and mum went down to Rocco’s Hospice to see if they would like me to visit everyone who stays there more often. Mum told them I love being stroked and having cuddles - they were all super-friendly. So… next week we are going down again to visit people on the ward - I’m so excited to make some new friends…….I’ll send photos next week. Have a woof-tastic wekend! Love Leila xxx

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