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Bewsey Lodge is an inclusive Primary School and aims to provide quality first teaching to every child who comes through our door. 

We house 2 Designated Provision Classes in both EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, the places in these classes are given by the Local Authority to children who have a specific special educational need cited through an Educational Health and Care (EHC) Plan. These classes make our school extra special as our children learn from a very early age that everyone is different. Our DP children integrate with the mainstream classes wherever possible and our children learn to care, respect and look out for one another from day one.

We recognise that all children are different and ensure that the needs of every child in our care are being met through effective use of assessment, detailed planning and the use of up-to-date resources and monitored intervention strategies. But equally importantly, we get to know our children and their families. We understand that life has its ups and downs and that children progress and develop at different rates. We are here to support both out children and their families and ensure that any challenges or barriers that maybe present, for whatever reason, can be worked through and overcome.