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Posted at 8.30am 27th May 2020

This information is for the parents/carers of children in Reception,Y1 and Y6 who have responded to us and accepted their child’s place. This information is also relevant to the children of key workers who now wish their child to attend school.

Please note, we are not offering any additional places now (for any child) until June 22nd (Wave 2).

Dear Parents/Carers,

There is so much information to share with you, therefore I will try and keep the points concise. Please be assured that all Warrington and Government guidelines have been considered in our re-opening and all decisions we have made are based on ensuring the welfare and safety of everyone in school.

  • School will re-open on Monday 8th June to the above groups ONLY.
  • School will start at 8.50am and finish as usual at 3.15pm – we expect your child to attend every day.
  • School uniform is NOT required however we do expect children to dress appropriately and in clothes which will suit the weather, indoor/outdoor lessons and PE lessons. E.g. shorts, t-shirt/long sleeved top and trainers. No beach wear e.g. flip-flops, belly tops, short skirts.
  • A water bottle should be sent into school on the first day with your child, this will be washed at the end of each day and left in school. We have filtered tap water for your child to refill their bottle each day.
  • We cannot offer breakfast or after school care or clubs.
  • Please avoid the use of public transport if you can.

Keeping you safe on entry and exit:

  • Strict SOCIAL DISTANCING rules will be in place.
  • Your child has been placed in an age appropriate ‘class bubble’ which has between 6-13 children in. Children will NOT mix with children in the other bubbles at any time during the school day.
  • We have 3 entry/exit points around school – you will only be allowed to use one depending on the ‘bubble’ your child is in therefore reducing risk of infection.
  • You will be contacted by a teacher this week to confirm which entrance, exit and classroom you will be in. This may not be your child’s usual teacher.
  • A member of the leadership team will be stood at each gate at the start/end of the day to ensure families are maintaining the 2m distancing rule.
  • Only 1 adult will be allowed into the school grounds per family – if more than 1 adult attempts entry, you will be asked by a senior leader to wait outside.
  • Adults/families gathering in and around the school grounds will be asked to move on by senior leaders.
  • Each classroom will have a taped square outside the classroom door. Nobody is to enter that area until instructed by the adult inside the classroom.
  • Markers 2m apart will be visible outside each classroom. Your child should stand on a marker before the start of the school day and only move once instructed by the adult inside.
  • We ask that if parents have messages for teachers that they email school or call the office, teachers are not permitted to have extended conversations at the classroom door.
  • Parents/carers will be required to leave the school grounds immediately and exit through their designated gate ONLY.
  • The outside play equipment is not in use at any time. Children are not allowed to use it at any time before or after school.
  • At the end of the day, the gates will be opened at 3.00pm, the teacher can release your child to you any time after 3.00pm – knock on the classroom door then stand on a marker outside – NOT IN THE BOX.

Keeping everyone safe in school

  • Once in school children will be taken to wash their hands.
  • Children should not bring any equipment into school except for a packed lunch (should they need one).
  • Each child will be given their own stationary wallet to use. This equipment is for their use only.
  • Each bubble will have 2-3 adults who work with that group only.
  • Lessons will run like a normal school day; your child will have the opportunity to read to an adult in school on more than one occasion throughout the week.
  • Reading books will not be sent home we therefore expect you to read a book from home with your child.
  • Each child will have their own desk space.
  • Playtimes will be staggered so that each class bubble has their own time on the yard, reducing the risk of the spread of infection.
  • Each bubble will have their own playtime equipment which is used solely by them. This equipment will be washed/disinfected each night.
  • Contact games/sports will not be allowed.
  • Playtimes will be supervised by staff at all times who will ensure the children are kept at a safe distance from one another.
  • Classrooms and equipment (where required) will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Children will stand on markers to line back up after playtimes.
  • SNACK – Reception and Key Stage 1- children should bring a healthy snack.
  • SNACK – Key Stage 2 - children can bring a healthy snack or bring money to buy from the healthy tuck shop.
  • SNACK – we cannot be responsible for money in school, teachers are NOT permitted to handle cash at all which is why we ask KS1 children to bring a snack rather than the money.
  • Before and after each break, children will have supervised hand-washing and single-use toilet trips – this is the only time they will enter the corridors.
  • The hall is not in use to avoid cross-bubble contamination.
  • Hot dinners are not provided. All Reception and Key Stage 1 children will have a packed lunch provided should they require one – if you prefer you can send your child with a packed lunch.
  • In Key Stage 2, packed lunches will be provided to those children eligible for a free school meal only.
  • Lunches will be eaten in classrooms which will be disinfected during lunch break.
  • Teachers will use outside learning where possible.
  • Children will learn in their classroom and use the playground. Other than toilet use, they will not access any other area of school.
  • At the end of the day, the children will wash their hands before leaving school.
  • PE kits are NOT to be brought into school.
  • At the end of each day, desks will be disinfected and any equipment which has been shared/played with will be cleaned/disinfected.
  • All door handles will be disinfected.

First Aid

  • Should a child have an accident, the severity will be quickly established by an adult in school (all staff in school are 1st aid trained). Where possible, children will be encouraged to help themselves with supervision. For example, if a child falls and has a small graze to the knee, they will be seated and given an antiseptic wipe to clean it themselves – this avoids unnecessary physical contact. The adult will then establish whether further intervention is required.
  • Should a child have an injury which requires physical contact, the adult will be required to wear PPE before contact. Following LA guidelines, this includes apron, gloves and mask.
  • Regardless of the severity, a 1st aid slip will be sent home to inform parents of the incident (as with usual practice).
  • Should a child show symptoms of Covid then they will be isolated with a member of staff (wearing full PPE). A call home will be made and they will need to be picked up and tested. Parents of the children in that child’s bubble will be informed should this happen and further guidance will be issued.
  • If your child shows symptoms at home, please DO NOT send them into school. Keep them at home and get a test but we ask that you do inform us should this happen.


It is really important that we communicate effectively with our parents/carers however we do need to keep face-to-face communication to an absolute minimum. Please use the school email address or telephone number to communicate with the office, teachers or senior leaders. If you do need to speak to the office staff you must stand on the designated mark and there must only ever be one person in the front porch at any one time.

There will be posters and information points around school, please adhere to the rules and keep your distance. There is nothing more important to us than keeping everyone safe from this horrible virus which is why we have taken our time in developing these strict guidelines – they are in place to protect the children, their families and our school team. Should any member of staff feel in anyway threatened by someone who has been asked to adhere to the rules, then they will be asked to leave the premises and the police will be called.

And finally, please DO NOT call the office with any questions you may have. Please use email or messenger.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Wright, The Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team


Our School Vision

At Bewsey Lodge Primary School, development of the whole child is at the heart of all we do.
Our aim is to develop children who are confident, healthy and happy. Children who persevere and take risks;
who have a voice and respect themselves and the lives and cultures of others.

Our children are loved and treasured; they are encouraged to have dreams and realise the possibilities the future holds.
Only when all aspects of a child's life are being nurtured and developed can we realise
our vision of every child reaching their full potential.

Find information on Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) here. 

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