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Our School Vision

At Bewsey Lodge Primary School, development of the whole child is at the heart of all we do.
Our aim is to develop children who are confident, healthy and happy. Children who persevere and take risks;
who have a voice and respect themselves and the lives and cultures of others.

Our children are loved and treasured; they are encouraged to have dreams and realise the possibilities the future holds.
Only when all aspects of a child's life are being nurtured and developed can we realise
our vision of every child reaching their full potential.

Find information on Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) here. 

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The Great Brit Quiz!

This year the team focussed just on the UK. There were 4 rounds...the first was all about physical features of the uk. Round 2 was a picture round

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The Best Will in the World!

Today the children in Year 6 visited the Shakespeare Centre in Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford Upon Avon. We had an amazing day learning about

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Rock Out Day!

On the final day of our first term, we relaunched TT Rockstars with a Rock Star dress up day. We looked awesome! Not only did we look good,  but

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