Headteacher's Welcome

My name is Mrs Emma Williams and I am proud to be the Headteacher here at Bewsey Lodge Primary School. I am now in my 13th year of Headship and I am pleased to report that our ever growing school continues to go from strength to strength. Almost full to capacity, our school is more popular than ever and the demand is high for places in both our mainstream classes and our Designated Provisions.

We pride ourselves on our curriculum, high quality teaching and inclusivity. When designing our curriculum, which is reviewed annually, we always think outside of the box to ensure that things stay fresh and our broad and balanced offer is never compromised. We are also very proud of our bespoke enhanced curriculum called CLASP. This extends the children's experiences beyond what is usually offered at Primary School and, working in smaller groups, teachers have the freedom to explore elements of the curriculum beyond age related expectations.

Staff and Governors at our school are incredibly hard working and completely focussed on providing the best education and experiences for our children in an environment which is caring, respectful, accepting and loving. 

Our goals are simple; we endeavour to ensure that:

·       every child is challenged, enjoys their learning and has fun at school,

·       children are encouraged to be resilient, inquisitive and to question,

·       every single child meets their full potential.

I am proud to be the Headteacher at Bewsey Lodge and I am looking forward to watching our children reach their full potential over the coming year.

Mrs Emma Williams

Allow me to introduce you to my Senior Management Team:

Mrs Bailey - Deputy Headteacher & SEN, Safeguarding and Family Support. 

Mrs Hopson - Assistant Headteacher. Responsible for Pastoral care and community liaison, Pupil Premium and Phase 2 Leader.

Mrs Stringer - Assistant Headteacher. Responsible for the management of the two Designated Provisions, SEN support (and acting SENCo), Phase 3 Leader and Local Authority SLE for the Special Educational Needs. 

Miss Muia - Responsible for Assessment, Writing moderation, Maths, CPD, & Attendance.

Miss Turnbull-Acting Phase 1 leader ( Nursery & Reception), Phonic lead and responsible for Curriculum leadership in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Images of all the SMT (Senior Management Team) can be found found in the 'Staff' section of the website.

Here you can read about what the main priorites are for this year.


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