Headteacher's welcome

My name is Mrs Emma Wright and I am proud to be the Headteacher here at Bewsey Lodge Primary School. I am now in my 10th year of Headship and I am pleased to report that our ever growing school continues to go from strength to strength.

Warrington Headteacher of the Year 2019

Allow me to introduce you to my Senior Management Team:

Mrs Bailey -   Deputy Headteacher & SEN, Safeguarding and Family Support. 

Mrs Hopson - Assistant Headteacher. Responsible for Pastoral care and community liaison, Pupil Premium and Phase 2 Leader.

Mrs Stringer - Assistant Headteacher. Responsible for the management of the two Designated Provisions, SEN support (and acting SENCo), Phase 3 Leader and Local Authority SLE for the Special Educational Needs. 

Miss Muia - Responsible for Assessment, Writing moderation, Maths, CPD, & Attendance.

Miss Albiston- Phase 1 leader (2 year old nursery, main nursery & Reception)

Images of all the SMT (Senior Management Team) can be found found in the 'Staff' section of the website.

It is with sadness that we find ourselves in lockdown again at the start of 2021 but as always, we face our new challenges with positivity and confidence. We have been thrust into a whole new world of online and remote learning which has meant our teachers have had to learn and develop new skills very quickly. 

All children, in school and at at home, will have access to the full broad and balanced curriculum, independent work, teacher led lessons and also time to discuss and share with their friends. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and regardless of what the next few months brings, we know that we now have all the tools in place to continue to provide the best education possible for our children.

I look forward to updating this page again soon, maybe in a month or so, with news of a full opening but until then please keep safe and well.

Mrs Emma Wright


School Improvement

If you would like to know about what out priorities are for this academic year, you can download a 'short-read' summary here. 
Please note, our SDP looks very different this year because we are dealing with ever-changing priorities as we move from month to month. Here can you read the main curriculum priorities and priorities around personal development.