What do we do?

Bewsey Lodge PTA has only been up and running since October 2022. As with any PTA (Parent Teacher Association) the aim of the group is to raise as much funds as we can to support the school over the year. This could vary from setting up events across the year such as Christmas fun days, our ‘Elfridges’ Christmas sale - where the children get the opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones,  Mother’s day and Father’s Day sales, and holding family events such as bingo nights to bring our school community together.

Who is on the team?

Chair person  - Mrs Victoria Leach

Vice Chairperson - Mrs Sarah Hopson

Secretary - Mrs Victoria Marsh

Treasurer - Miss Kelly Smith

Currently the PTA board comprises of staff members but we are very passionate about getting the families of our students on board too. If you would be interested in applying for any of the board positions then please enquire at the school office or email for further information.

We are always on the look out for volunteers to help out at events too or to help prepare for events behind the scenes, so if you didn’t want to take on a lead role then your help is always welcome as a volunteer.

How can you help by joining Bewsey Lodge PTA?

All staff members and parents and carers of the students at our school become automatic members of the PTA.

It is then up to you if you would like to be an active member and help out at the many fundraising events across the year.

If you would like to support us no matter how little time you can offer we would love to hear from you.

What have we done so far?

In our first year we helped to raise over £4000 for Bewsey Lodge, which went a long way in supporting our children over various ways as mentioned below:

  • Paid for a Stone Age workshop for year 3 children

  • Paid for the coach to take year 5 to Manchester Theater to watch Lion King

  • Paid for history resources from Warrington museum.

  • Paid for the subscription of a online learning resource.

  • Paid for games and treats to enjoy during the Kings Coronation celebration Day

  • Paid towards the cost of the year 6 leavers T-shirts.

    Plus lots more to come.

To be able to pay towards all of these enrichment opportunities for our students we have held various events across the year which were lots of fun and raised lots of smiles as well as funds for our school.

PTA logo competition

In October we held a competition to design our very own PTA logo design. It was so hard to choose from all the entries that we chose three designs to be joined together. This is currently with a graphic designer team who is creating the logo as we speak. Keep an eye out for the design to be unveiled.

Our very first ‘Elfridges’ Christmas Sale

Our first major event of the year was our ‘Elfirdges’ Christmas shop. We bought lots of different items and packaged them to sell to our children so they buy some lovely gifts at discounted prices for their loved ones. Both children and adults loved the experience and we raise over £1000 to help with school funds. We will be holding this event every year as it was so wonderful to see the children’s faces as they purchased and wrapped thier gifts.

Mothers Day sale

What plans do we have for the year?

This will be updated termly with any changes- Please check for any changes on a  termly basis.

2023 - 2024 Events


  • Bag2school collection
  • Family Bingo night - 23rd Oct


  • Christmas card orders


  • Elfridges gift sale - 11/12th Dec

  • Elf Day Funday






  • Mother’s Day sale

  • Easter Bingo






  • Father’s Day sale

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