Fun with my friends!

This half term, Year 6 Emerald have done a topic called, ‘Are dogs super?’ I’ve been in their class to visit them so they could get up-close and personal with me – sounds a bit weird I know but they wanted to find out more about my personality, my features and why I have them. Mrs Williams (or mum as she’s also known) explained that I have some amazing features which make my breed useful for working with the Police and the Army, stuff like my long, strong claws which are great for climbing and gripping, my calm nature, my muscly body and of course I am super-clever which makes me really easy to train! The children have found out loads about my breed, they’ve written information texts about caring for a dog and also superhero stories starring….guess who? ME!!!!

So today, we finished off the topic by going for a big walk round Sankey Valley Park AND I got to show off some of my tricks. Today has been a good day – lots of exercise and lots of time with the children! I’m one lucky pup!

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