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Bewsey Lodge is a thriving and happy Primary School. We offer our pupils a warm and caring atmosphere which nurtures every individual and challenges all abilities so that all of our children reach their full potential.

Children are welcomed into our school from as young as 3 years old, however the vast majority of children start with us at 4 years old and remain with us until they move on to high school. At our school we believe that learning should be fun! Through our teaching we equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed choices about important aspects of their lives.

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Our approaches to developing learning for our children encourage the skills of independence, investigation, enquiry, challenge and reflection. Our curriculum has been recently re-designed and although underpinned by the EYFS and National Curriculum Programmes of Study, it allows teachers more freedom to teach topics and lessons based around the interests of the children for example: Superheroes, Pirates and The Lake District. Changes in national assessment frameworks have prompted us to also re-think our Mathematics curriculum. In-line with current thinking and the need for learning to be embedded through concrete experience, we teach Mathematics using the Singapore approach.

Children are consulted regularly about all aspects of school life. We have very active pupil councils in school such as: School Council, ECO TeamBewsey Busy Bees, the Uniform Police and the Sports Development Team. The Councils meet regularly and feedback the ideas and thoughts from the wider pupil body; they are also responsible for much of the fund raising and event planning throughout the year. Parents and carers are regularly consulted through online survey and at Parents Evenings and open school events. Parent surveys are consistently positive and score well above national average in all areas. We are particularly proud that parents feel confident that bullying does not occur in our school and that their children feel safe here.

Enjoy looking around our website and finding out more about our school.

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