Welcome back to school!

Thursday 1st October 2020

Hello everyone - welcome back to school! It's been a while since I've updated my blog but I'm back! I loved the summer sunshine and getting out on the beach and in the sea but I've got to say, I love love love this autumn weather!! I have a really thick coat so over the summer I had to shed lots and lots of it to try and keep cool. Mrs W moaned quite a lot about my fur being everywhere and kept trying to hoover it all up. Now it's October it's much cooler and I like that. My fur is thickening up again now to keep me warm and cosy when I'm running around in the park. And... how much fun is it chasing squirrels? Wow! I thought chasing the birds was great but squirrels can't fly away!!! There are loads of them around on the park where I live, Mrs W said that they're collecting food together now ready for the colder months but that doesn't stop me zooming across the park to try and catch them. I never do though, they always scamper up the trees; leaving me stood at the bottom - it's good fun though! 

I still love my sticks, especially big ones! Mrs W goes mad when I find really long ones because when I run around her they scratch her legs - whoops! 

Here I am in the park with one of my favourites. I am looking forward to the weekend now - running around and playing in the leaves that are all over the place. Trees are weird aren't they? They spend all spring and summer growing beautiful leaves and fruit and flowers and then everything drops off in the Autumn - very strange! 

Just before I go, my favourite joke of the week:
What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a jelly?

The collie wobbles!  ha ha ha ha

Have a woof-tastic weekend everyone, see you soon, Leila xx

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