Meet Leila - our school dog

This is our school dog Leila who has been with us since October 2019. She was just 10 weeks old when she first arrived, look how she's grown...

Leila loves being in school and being around the children and staff and as she matures, her role will begin to develop so that she can support children in both their learning and social/emotional development. 

Leila is undergoing training with 'Barkbusters UK' who have been paying her regular visits; making sure that she listens and responds to her lead adult has been a key part of her training. The older children have helped to teach her how to walk on her lead by following a figure of 8 and direction changes - their work has really helped to make her more responsive on the lead. 

Over the next few weeks she will be having her training in school. She will be learning how to sit for longer periods of time in preparation for activites such as listening to children read (out of her crate) and therapy work. 

Soon she will be working with small groups or individual children (depending on their need) on overcoming their fear of dogs. These mini workshops will be designed in conjunction with our trainers and will hopefully enable our children, who have fears, to overcome them. 
Each week Leila writes her Blog, so keep your eye on this page and also the weekly newsletter.