Religious Education

Our Vision

At Bewsey Lodge Primary School, we believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education that embraces the exploration and promotes understanding, respect, and tolerance. Our discovery-based Religious Education (RE) curriculum encourages students to ask questions, understand key knowledge and relate their learning through their own experiences.


Our primary intent is to empower children with the knowledge and understanding necessary for living in a multi-faith world. At Bewsey Lodge, our aim is to cultivate a broad-ranging Religious Education curriculum to achieve this purpose. We follow the 'Discovery RE' programme and the inclusion of multiple world religions in the curriculum highlights this commitment. We use mindfulness techniques with the intent of encouraging children to develop self-awareness and reflective skills.


The 'Discovery RE' programme forms the basis for the curriculum, adopting an enquiry-based teaching and learning approach. Christianity is systematically taught in every year group, with a progressive approach to learning about Christmas and Easter. Other major world religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, are explored. Enquiries are structured with six lessons, either taught weekly or in a block to enhance learning. Each lesson includes a religious learning objective, and the curriculum integrates SMSC development, contributing to British Values. Teachers are encouraged to adapt and enhance lessons, promoting a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Teachers actively provide opportunities for children to visit religious establishments and meet people of different faiths. The school celebrates a variety of festivals, including Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Eid, and the birth of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuH). Parents and local communities are invited to share their celebrations, enriching the learning experience.


The impact is evident in the celebration of festivals and the active exploration of diverse faiths. The understanding of different cultures is seen as a key outcome, contributing to a greater understanding of the world. At Bewsey Lodge we actively encourage parents and local communities to participate in sharing their cultural celebrations. This engagement has been deemed highly successful, fostering a sense of community and allowing children to share their own cultural and family celebrations. The impact extends beyond academic learning to include personal and spiritual development.


Click on the link below to view our R.E curriculum overview. Within this resource, you will find a detailed breakdown of the curriculum units assigned to each year group, showcasing the evolution of religious studies throughout your child's educational journey.

Discovery R.E Overview REC Y6

Mr Barnes from Hope Church, has been reading Bible stories, every week to our youngest children for over 10 years. Each Thursday he joins the children in Nursery and Reception, bringing to life the stories of Christianity. 

At our Diwali festivities, we were honored to host a visitor from the nearby Hindu temple. Neetu enthusiastically engaged with the children, guiding them in crafting vibrant rangoli patterns, creating diya lamps, and actively participating in Hindu worship activities. 

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