My First Summer

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello eveyone - I'm missing you all soooooo much! It seems like ages since we were all in school together, I miss my friends but, I know that we have to keep away to keep everyone safe. I've been enjoying the sunshine, lying in the garden and going for some super walks. 

It's my first summer so everyting is very interesting to me - espcially thngs that buzz and fly!!! Mrs W keeps teling me off for chasing bees and wasps in the garden - I like leaping off the ground and trying to catch them in my mouth. I haven't caught one yet but Mrs W says I'll be sorry if I do!!!

Yesterday we went for a walk to park that had a pond - I was a bit scared at first but eventually I got in for a dip! Well once I'd got used to feeling that was it...I didn't want to come out..swimming is ggggrrrrrrr-eat! Check out the video of me having a spash-tastic time! 


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